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How to install Android Market on Kindle Fire?

Amazon Kindle Fire does not have Android Market but have Amazon Appstore instead. So you can either sideload Android Market applications and games to unrooted Kindle Fire manually. Or install Android Market on Kindle Fire permanently then install apps and games from there. Having Android Market on Kindle Fire is easier, right? Yes, but you need to have root access on Kindle Fire first in order to install Android Market. Anyway, rooting Kindle Fire is not hard, just follow below step by step guide will do.

Android Market on Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire in the house

Oh, no. I am on Fire! Hehe… I just got myself a Kindle Fire from Amazon. Not getting it from Amazon US directly since I want to have Kindle Fire as soon as possible (don’t want to wait for another 2 weeks shipping time). Therefore, I bought it from Lowyat Forum Malaysia locally. Kindle Fire will keep me busy for months because I got lot of stuffs to learn again. Hmm… I planned to get Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 and Asus Transformer Prime. But both of them are still not available in Malaysia. Have to wait until early next year. So I got a budget Android tablet ~ Kindle Fire instead…

Kindle Fire

How to install Android 4.0 ICS ROM on Amazon Kindle Fire?

How to install Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich ROM on Amazon Kindle Fire? Yes, that’s the question you can ask now. Why? Hashcode Android 4.0 ICS Kernel for Kindle Fire fixed shutdown and charging issue finally. And most of the essential stuffs are working properly (some still not working though). So it is good time to try out Android 4.0 ICS ROM on Kindle Fire now.

Android 4.0 ICS ROM on Amazon Kindle Fire

How to temp unroot Kindle Fire?

Root Amazon Kindle Fire has lot of benefits. But it also brings some downsides. Yup, if you are Amazon Prime member that love to watch stream movies and TV shows with Kindle Fire, you will notice that these services are not available anymore after you rooted Kindle Fire. In order to watch them back, you need to unroot Kindle Fire. But that is not a perfect solution because you need to use PC to unroot it permanently. Applications that need root access are not working anymore then. That is not the way that we want.

Amazon Prime movies and TV shows are disabled.

How to install Android Market apps on Kindle Fire without root access?

Can’t find apps from Android Market in Amazon Appstore? Amazon Appstore has lot of paid and free applications and games for Kindle Fire. But it surely does not have the amount or latest apps like the original Android Market by Google. Besides, Kindle Fire does not have Android Market App installed. Only has Amazon Appstore. The simplest way to install applications and games from Android Market on Kindle Fire ~ have Android Market App installed on Kindle Fire. Then you can download and install apps directly from Android Market then. However, you need to root Kindle Fire in order to install Android Market App. So here is the solution for those who have stock Kindle Fire without root access…

Android Market
Android Market

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