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How to enable 4x MSAA in OpenGL ES 2.0 Android apps & games?

I love to enable 4x MSAA in most of the 3D games that I play. Anti-Aliasing will make the games graphics look great. And the good news is that you can enable 4x MSAA in OpenGL ES 2.0 Android applications and games for free now. No Chainfire3D Pro driver is needed. However, here is the catch ~ you need to have at least Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and GPU hardware that support MSAA. NVIDIA Tegra 3 GPU does not support MSAA, so no luck on Google Nexus 7. But all Android devices which loaded with ARM Mali-400 MP GPU support it. Therefore, devices like Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 support MSAA.

4x MSAA in OpenGL ES 2.0 on Beach Buggy Blitz (100% cropped)

Chainfire3D Pro MSAA Video Demo on Samsung Galaxy S2

I still remember the old time when 3D display card on computer can enable Anti-Aliasing function. AA graphics is great but the performance is slow if you don’t have a decent GPU. Samsung Galaxy S II ARM Mali-400 MP GPU supports Anti-Aliasing now. ARM mentions that Samsung Galaxy S2 can enable 4x MSAA with no performance drop while 16x MSAA outperform all implementations of comparable quality. Is that true? Let’s find out and do watch it in 1080p Full HD full screen mode…

Chainfire3D Pro 4xMSAA & 16xMSAA samples on Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S II ARM Mali-400 MP GPU supports Anti-Aliasing (4xAA and 16xAA). However, most of the current OpenGL Android games do not support Anti-Aliasing feature. Mali-400 MP can process 4x Multi-Sampling with virtually no performance drop. Thanks to Chainfire3D Pro, Samsung Galaxy S2 users can force 4xMSAA and 16xMSAA Anti-Aliasing on their OpenGL 3D games now. Here are some Chainfire3D Pro 4xMSAA and 16xMSAA samples that I took…

Lets Golf 2 HD
Normal | 4xMSAA | 16xMSAA


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