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Download Titanium Backup (root) free for Android

Titanium Backup is one of the must have Android application. You can backup and restore application, data, setting with it. A great tool for me who like to test several Android builds. However, it is for rooted phone. But it is not a problem for me as most of the Android builds for HTC HD2 are rooted.

Titanium Backup

Download Free MyBackup Root for Android

Yeah… There is another free backup utility for Android. It is called MyBackup Root, developed by RerWare. As the name applied, it works only on rooted phone. But that’s not a problem for Android HTC HD2 because most of the ROMs are rooted. And it is great for me who like to test different NAND Android ROMs.

MyBackup Root

How to copy / backup Android .apk file?

In the search of the best Android build on HTC HD2, I need to try lot of different Android build. However, I face a problem that slows me down ~ download application from Android Market every time on new build. How to backup Android .apk file? I want to make a copy of the downloaded application locally. So that I don’t need to download them again and again using slow Internet connection.

ES File Explorer

SMS Cloud Backup ~ backup SMS to email account

There is lot of ways to backup Windows Mobile data. PIM Backup v2.8 is used backup / restore personal information stored on Windows Mobile devices locally. xda member, computerjunkie created SMS Cloud Backup tool that reads your SMS and sends a backup of all your SMS Conversation (threaded) to an email account.

SMS Cloud Backup

PIM Backup v2.8 ~ a tool to backup / restore personal information for Windows Mobile

PIM Backup v2.8 is a backup application that allows to backup / restore personal information stored on Windows Mobile devices. It will backup contacts, appointments, tasks, messages, calls… But no MMS support.


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