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BlitzWolf BW-VF2 Review – The Best Budget Ceiling Wall Projector Mount from Banggood!

Yes, my BlitzWolf BW-VF2 Ceiling Wall Projector Mount was bought from Banggood. And here are the package contents of BlitzWolf VF2. Comes with several sturdy steel pieces as you can see. Here are all the components that you need to assemble the projector mount. The user manual will guide you through. As usual, take your time to do so…


Vinnfier HyperBar 1100 Review – Compact yet Powerful! Attractive too!

Introduction Hey guys, check out this attractive compact soundbar with subwoofer - Vinnfier HyperBar 1100. It is loaded power 120W total power output. Comes with...


Kingston Expands External SSD Lineup with XS1000

Kingston Technology, a world leader in memory products and technology solutions today announced the XS1000 External SSD, a small and incredibly sleek file backup...