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BlitzWolf VP6 vs VP13 – Best Budget LCD Projector 2021 August Update

Direct comparison is the best way to find out the better projector. So here you are – BlitzWolf VP6 vs VP13. In short, the latest model does not mean it is better. As you can see, both of them are having the same brightness. FYI, these results are after proper calibrated. Colour-wise, VP6 is much more vivid and colourful. VP13 is using the same LCD panel as Wanbo T2 max – 45% NTSC only…

BlitzWolf VP6 vs Wanbo X1 – Battle of the Best Budget 1080p Projector vs 720p Projector

Hi guys, welcome back. I am Jayce. And I will be comparing the best budget 1080p vs 720p projector today – BlitzWolf VP6 vs Wanbo X1. Why I always recommend going for Full HD projector directly. By the way, please watch my full in-depth review of them if you haven’t. I won’t cover it here again.

BlitzWolf VP6 vs WZATCO C2 – Battle of the Best Sub $200 Budget LCD Projector 2021

Hello, how are you lately? I had been receiving request for BlitzWolf VP6 vs WZATCO C2 lately. In short, VP6 is the same as C2. Both of them have outstanding image quality, contrast and colours after calibrated. Corners are sharp and in focus. You won’t see this kind of performance in most budget projector out there. Just VP6 is having lesser fan noise than c2…

BlitzWolf VP10 vs BlitzWolf VP6 – Best Budget Projector 2021 June Update

Hey guys, how are you lately? Alright, here is the stuff that you want – BlitzWolf VP10 vs VP6. In short, VP6 is slightly better than VP10. And here are the reasons…

Wanbo T2 Max vs BlitzWolf VP6 – Best Budget Projector 2021 April Update

Hello everyone, welcome back. I am Jayce. And I will be talking about the latest Wanbo T2 Max against the no. 1 BlitzWolf VP6. Before that, be sure to check out Mi Fan Festival at Banggood. There are a lot of new arrivals, discounts and gadgets for you and me. The latest Mijia Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro is there too. Buy it if you have the budget. As usual, I listed the link below. Do check it out. Thanks.


Wanbo X5 In-Depth Review – Watch This Before You Buy!!!

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