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How to disable increasing ring on Samsung Galaxy S3?

I like increasing ring feature on Samsung Galaxy S III whenever people call. However, some of you might not like this feature. How to disable increasing ring on Samsung Galaxy S3? XDA Developer, criskelo created a mod SecPhone.apk to disable increasing ring for all of us. It is proved working on XXALE8 and XXALE9 firmware. Might work on other firmware too. Try it to find out. And be sure to backup SecPhone.apk and SecPhone.odex first before try this mod.

Disable increasing ring on Samsung Galaxy S3

How to enable 2-way in call recording on Android HTC HD2?

Yeah… With latest Tytung r9 beta kernel, you can record phone call conversation now (2-way in call recording). Currently, there are 3 NAND Android ROMs that I tried which is using Tytung r9 beta kernel. And I managed to record my calls with BOYPPC-SHIFTPDA GINGER HoneyComB. Besides Tytung r9 beta kernel, all you need is a call recorder application by XDA Developer, skvalex.


Download Zevele’s AutoLoudspeaker v1.4 for HTC HD2

Okay, I am back to HTC HD2’s world. Some complaint about absence of HTC HD2’s posts. No worry, HTC HD2 is still alive and kicking with Android 2.2 Froyo build and future Windows Phone 7 build. Can’t wait to have triple boots. 🙂


Zevele’s AutoLoudspeaker had been updated to v1.4 from v1.2 and got some useful add-ons like below and fixed some bugs…

Download Zevele’s AutoLoudspeaker for HTC HD2

Tired to turn on loudspeaker manually by yourself? Here is an Windows Mobile application created by Zevele called AutoLoudspeaker. It will automatically turn on the loudspeaker when the phone is away from the ear, and turns it off when it is near the ear. Loudspeaker will automatically switch on if the proximity sensor is unblocked and off if it is blocked. Isn’t it nice?


Download Auto Call Recorder (ACR) for Windows Mobile

Want to record every phone call? You can do so by using ACR ~ Auto Call Recorder for Windows Mobile (Note – Telephone tapping is not legal in all countries/states (link)). ACR is working out from the box on ASUS P835, HTC Touch HD, HTC Touch Diamond 2, Samsung Omnia i900, Samsung Omnia 2 and more…

Auto Call Recorder (ACR)


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