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Download Triangle Away for Galaxy S4

Rooted Samsung Galaxy S4? Triangle Away will be your saver when you need to send Galaxy S4 back for warranty claim or service. Yes, Samsung knows if you install custom kernel, firmware or root Galaxy S4. There is a counter inside to keep track all these unofficial installations. And Triangle Away application is the tool to reset the counter and change the status back to official. Triangle Away supports most of the Samsung Galaxy series devices. So not to worry much about rooting if your device is supported by Triangle Away.

Triangle Away for Samsung Galaxy S4

Download CF-Auto-Root for Galaxy S4

CF-Auto-Root is the best and easiest way to root Samsung Galaxy S4. It should work on every region Galaxy S4 (as long as the model is supported) no matter which firmware or kernel version you are using. Unlike the previous CF-Root which require matched kernel version. But here is the catch, it does not install custom recovery like ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery and install CWM Manager Application. It just to do the essential task – root Galaxy S4 and then install SuperSU binary and SuperSU application. Not a bad idea if you just want to root Galaxy S4. Plus you still can get OTA software update with stock recovery. Currently, it supports GT-I9505 Qualcomm LTE model only. No luck for GT-I9500 Octa model yet as Developer Chainfire is on vacation now. Therefore, you need to find other way to root Galaxy S4 I9500 for the moment. Update – GT-I9500 model is supported by CF-Auto-Root now.

CF-Auto-Root for Samsung Galaxy S4

No Triangle Away love for Galaxy S4 GT-I9500

Yes, you read the title right. There will be no Triangle Away for Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 Exynos 5 Octa core model for the moment based on Chainfire Google+ post (link). As mentioned by XDA user, sorg, I9500 has boot block hardware write protection. And Chainfire does not own I9500 so it is tiresome for him to do the development. Until he has a I9500 to develop Triangle Away for Galaxy S4 I9500 or other developers have a workaround to reset the flash counter and kernel binary status, your Galaxy S4 is officially warranty void if you had rooted it.

CF-Auto-Root supports Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 now

Developer Chainfire is back from holidays. And he brings along a gift to all Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 users. Yes, CF-Auto-Root supports Galaxy S4 I9500 model now. That’s the good news that everyone should rejoice, right? Yes, but I saw a comment from XDA Forum Taiwan user, sorg ~ Triangle Away is not possible anymore with I9500 stock bootloader due to boot block is hardware write protection. Huh? Is that true? Anyway, I have no chance to turning back now because my Galaxy S4 is already rooted and loaded with CWM. Warranty is already void but luckily Samsung Malaysia does not care much about rooting. And still accept to service for free even it is rooted based on several users’ feedback.

Download Triangle Away for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Rejoice… The famous warranty saver for Samsung Galaxy Series ~ Triangle Away by XDA Developer, Chainfire supports Samsung Galaxy Note II GT-N7100 now in latest version 2.00. USB Jig is no longer working since Samsung Galaxy S3. Triangle Away is the only way to reset the flash counter which saves your Samsung Galaxy devices warranty. So no worry to root Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or install custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 now. Because you can always recover Samsung Galaxy Note 2 warranty back if you have flashed custom firmware or kernel with help of Triangle Away.

Triangle Away for Samsung Galaxy Note 2


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