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Samsung Galaxy S3 battery life test revisited

Is your Samsung Galaxy S III battery life good? If no, you can follow this guide to improve it ~ How to improve Samsung Galaxy S3 battery life? Mine? My Samsung Galaxy S3 battery life is getting better after I started to use custom ROM ~ CheckROM EvoHD which based on latest XXBLFB Firmware (Europe). I only turn the Samsung stuffs that I need like Samsung Apps Store and Accuweather Widget/Services from KitchenPro. Keep it as clean and light as possible. Well, here is my updated Samsung Galaxy S3 battery life test…

Samsung Galaxy S3 battery life revisited

Download & Install CheckROM EvoHD ROM for Samsung Galaxy S3

CheckROM is one of my favourite custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S II. So the very first custom that I tried on Samsung Galaxy S III is CheckROM EvoHD ROM. What makes CheckROM special? It has Kitchen Pro Application which is very useful to customize CheckROM EvoHD ROM even further. You can install custom boot animation, modem, kernel, widget / apps, font and mods with Kitchen Pro. Cook all the ingredients by yourself. Make CheckROM EvoHD ROM a perfect Android ROM that matches your needs.

CheckROM EvoHD ROM for Samsung Galaxy S3

How to enable call recording on Samsung Galaxy S3?

How to enable call recording on Samsung Galaxy S III? You can find lot of call recording paid and free applications in Google Play Store. And use it on Samsung Galaxy S3. Or you can enable call recording on Samsung Galaxy S3 by reactivate official Samsung Galaxy S3 firmware hidden feature. Note – root access is required.

Call recording on Samsung Galaxy S3

How to install custom modem on Samsung Galaxy S3?

Personally, I don’t install custom modem on my Samsung Galaxy S III. I will stick with the modem (radio / baseband) that comes along with the firmware unless the modem is highly recommended by others. So have to install official custom modem on your Samsung Galaxy S3 manually. What is the benefit of using custom modem? Using the correct modem will give your Samsung Galaxy S3 better signal coverage, reception, speed and battery life. Choosing the correct modem take time. You need to benchmark the 3G speed, battery consumption, signal strength… Monitor its performance for days. So I don’t change modem much unless I found the one that I am using is bad.

Samsung Galaxy S3 modem
Official Samsung Galaxy S3 modem

Download KitchenPro v2 for Samsung Galaxy S2 & Galaxy Note

CheckROM users, it’s time for you to upgrade KitchenPro to version 2 now. Don’t know what is KitchenPro? Then you really need to study it well here. In short, KitchenPro lets you customize CheckROM custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S II and Samsung Galaxy Note.

KitchenPro on Samsung Galaxy S2 & Galaxy Note


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