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Best Town Hall 11 Trophy Push / War Base – Defense won to Legend League

Yeah!!! Am I the first in the world that managed to push to Legend League in Clash of Clans by defending? All thanks to my latest TH11 trophy push base that allowed to me to defend my way to Legend League. It took me around 2 weeks to do so (from Champion League). Wondering at Titan 1 for almost a week as it is the most difficult league to push. Anyway, I am a Legend League player now. My quest to Legend League by defending had completed…

Road to Titan League 1 by winning defenses

I always wanted to push to Legend League after max all the defenses and heroes in Clash of Clans. But pushing to higher trophy does not make it special since everyone is doing it. How about reaching Legend League by winning defenses instead of fighting for it. But is this even possible? I reached Titan III last week. It was pretty easy to me. However, getting into Titan I is another story totally. I stuck at Titan 2 (4600 trophy range) for days. And keep changing my base design in order to get defense won. However, the more I changed, the more loses I got. I almost give up pushing until using my latest base. Yes, I am still tuning the base by changing the traps but no major stuffs.

Defense won to Titan League III

Yeah… With my almost maxed Clash of Clans Town Hall 11, I start to push to higher trophy level. However, pushing is not easy at higher level especially you get so little trophy from winning and lose a lot when lost the battle. Therefore, I found my way to get into Titan League III by just winning on defenses. Yes, I did not attack at Champion I and managed to get up to Titan III by defend only.

Stop using XMOD on Clash of Clans now!!!

Yes! Lot of players was getting banned due to this. Supercell issued warning on those who use mods like XMOD or XX Assistant (叉叉助手) on Clash of Clans will get their account banned. Guess that those players believed what XMOD Games developers said that it is safe to use their mod. Well, this is not the case here. YES! IT IS NOT SAFE TO USE XMOD ANYMORE!!! For those who getting 2 weeks ban should remove any COC mod like XMOD or XX Assistant (叉叉助手) immediately. Else your account will be banned permanently. I am not joking here. All these years of work and time spent will be wasted if you continue to do so.

Best Clash of Clans TH11 Unlurable CC War / Trophy Base Layout

What is the best Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 war / trophy base layout? Just look at the top players in CoC. Copy their bases will do, right? Yup, TH11 is the highest town hall level so far. Therefore, you can find all the popular TH11 trophy bases easily. Mine is taken from these top players as well. Most of them are kept intact as the base layout is really good. Of course, I did my own modifications as usual. And put all the traps and hidden tesla locations myself as I can’t see theirs. And yes, it still has unlurable clan castle troop design. However, this is not so important since poison spell came out. So others still can to use hog rider, balloon or lava hound to lure them out which I don’t care as long as giant can’t I am fine.


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