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Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio Receiver Review

Looking for a budget yet reliable Bluetooth audio receiver? Check out Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio Receiver that I got from GearBest. It is loaded with Bluetooth 4.2 with Multi-point technology that let you connect 2 devices simultaneously. Built-in 97mAh Li-ion battery that can lasts up to 5 hours playing time. Ultra-portable that great for smartwatch during sport. Sound great? Read on to find out more…

SpinFit Ear Tip Review

Want to improve your current in-ear monitors sound quality? SpinFit – the ultimate silicone ear tip can help you then. It has special designed cushion at the centre that allows 360° rotation to go deeper into your ear canal and get better seal. It also provides supreme comfort and superior noise isolation. And extends the lows and finer the highs too. Sound great, right? Read on to find out more…

Brainwavz Krudul Duo Earphone Hanger is here

Brainwavz Audio has done it again. Yes, their latest product will help to keep your workspace tidy. Krudul Duo Earphone Hanger acts as an earphone management system, the Krudul Duo allows convenient storage of your earphones right by your monitor, desk space or workstation depending on which Krudul unit is used. The Krudul Monitor is designed to be affixed behind any monitor, or vertical back surface area to allow users to hang their earphones by their monitors or workstations whilst the Krudul Vertical affixes onto any vertical surface. Made from all die-cast aluminum, the Krudul Duo affixes onto any wall or surface using a 3M VHB, a double sided acrylic foam tape that provides long term resistance to UV and temperature cycles used in a multitude of industries and applications.

SpinFit Tips Giveaway by DUNU

Want to have free SpinFit ear tips? DUNU is giving away 4 pairs of SpinFit CP100 (L/M/S/XS) to DUNU fans who own at least 1 or more DUNU earphones. Yes, DUNU has officially started cooperation with SpinFit. The new coming hybrid IEM DUNU DN-2002 will configure CP100 as standard accessories. Can’t wait to get my hands on those. Huhu… I still haven’t try Titan 3 and 5 yet. When can I try DN-2002 then? SpinFit ear tips surely improve my earphones sound quality. How? Check out my SpinFit Ear Tip Review to find out. You will surprise how it can change and improve the sound signature of your current earphones.

Zorloo Aero Digital Earphone is coming

Update – Aero Digital Earphone campaign is now live at Indiegogo (http://igg.me/at/adigitalearphone). Get yours now!!!

Zorloo the company behind ZuperDAC USB DAC that I love is going to come out another in-ear earphones soon. Yup, it is Aero Digital Earphone (their 2nd generation). Unlike normal earphones, it has DAC and amp built-in. Yes, Aero is using the best-of-the-class HiFi ESS Sabre9018 audio DAC to deliver every fine detail with crystal clear sound. The audio output is fed to the custom made 14.8mm driver which not only reproduces the music in a faithful manner but is also itself capable of being replaced for personal taste, thanks to the modular architecture of the earphone driver design.


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