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Redmi Note 4X Fastboot Mode

Yes, Redmi Note 4X Fastboot Mode is still here no worry. Unlike Redmi Note 4X Recovery, you still able to boot into fastboot mode on your Redmi Note 4X. And fastboot is the way to reinstall current stock ROM, re-partition or install a new ROM rather than using stock Mi Recovery. Yup, Xiaomi fastboot has a Mi rabbit repairing an Android…

Download Kindle Fire Utility

Thanks to XDA Developer, Vashypooh for coming a great tool for Amazon Kindle Fire ~ Kindle Fire Utility. Kindle Fire Utility is a tool that makes all our lives easier. We can root Kindle Fire, install TWRP 2.0 Recovery easily without having much technical knowledge. Besides, Kindle Fire Utility also comes packaged with the USB drivers required to operate ADB and Fastboot. Basically, it is batch of scripts that help run all the tasks. You can modify and improve Kindle Fire Utility if you know to modify and write DOS batch codes.

Kindle Fire Utility

Download Redmi 2 Recovery & Fastboot ROM (Global & China)

Flashing Xiaomi Android devices are as easy as ABC (if you have little technical skill). Same apply to Redmi 2. Xiaomi has 2 types of ROM – recovery and fastboot. Recovery ROM is for regular update which will not wipe your user data or the files in internal storage. It is like OTA update. As for fastboot ROM, you have the chance to wipe data to solve bugs and issues. Recovery ROM is easier to install when compare to fastboot ROM which require PC to do so through fastboot mode. Recovery ROM can be installed within phone using Mi-Recovery. Both of them have their own advantages and weaknesses. Therefore, choose the correct one for your need. Remember to install the correct region ROM – Global or China. And choose stable ROM for normal users developer ROM to get earlier access to new features (and bugs too).

Xiaomi Redmi 2 Fastboot Mode

How to load Xiaomi Redmi 2 Fastboot Mode? You will ask this question when you plan to reinstall current stock ROM, re-partition or install a new ROM. Fastboot mode is useful to flash a new ROM on corrupted system. Or you plan to have a clean and fresh Android system on your Redmi 2. Else, use Redmi 2 Recovery Mode for normal update or factory reset purpose. Fastboot mode will be your rescuer when you face soft brick issue…

Redmi 2 Fastboot Mode

Google Nexus 4 Fastboot Mode

Google Nexus 4 is my first Google Nexus smartphone. Being a developer smartphone, how can I do not modify and push it to the maximum limit? So Nexus 4 Fastboot Mode is a must know feature if you wish to customize your Nexus 4 too. You can try lot of stuffs like unlock, relock, root, install custom recovery, flash Google stock ROM on fastboot mode. Be familiar with it now…

LG Nexus 4 Fastboot Mode


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