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Google Edition Camera from HTC One & Galaxy S4

Yeah… Enjoy all the goodies from latest Google Edition smartphones – HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4. You can get Google Edition boot animation and camera application from their system dump. And enjoy the latest features. Take new camera app as example, you can now set the timer, temperature, scene mode (is this new?) and new touch navigation flow.

Google Edition Camera

How to hard reset Nexus 4?

How to hard reset Google Nexus 4? This is the question you will ask when need to send Nexus 4 back to LG for warranty claim. Or it is not stable and responsive. Factory reset Nexus 4 will help to solve most of the application frozen or hang issues. After factory data reset, your Nexus 4 will be back to original factory setup just like you turn on for the first time. And it will delete everything in disk storage including your downloaded applications, data, settings, music, photos, videos, and other files.

Factory data reset Nexus 4

Google Nexus 4 Fastboot Mode

Google Nexus 4 is my first Google Nexus smartphone. Being a developer smartphone, how can I do not modify and push it to the maximum limit? So Nexus 4 Fastboot Mode is a must know feature if you wish to customize your Nexus 4 too. You can try lot of stuffs like unlock, relock, root, install custom recovery, flash Google stock ROM on fastboot mode. Be familiar with it now…

LG Nexus 4 Fastboot Mode

Google Nexus 4 in the house

Google Nexus 4 is in the house at last. Not able to get it during US launch. Then decided to get it locally with LG Malaysia warranty since the cheaper US version does not have international warranty like Asus Nexus 7. What make me buy LG Nexus 4? Personally, I don’t like LG smartphone due to lack of software support even its hardware specifications are great. But this is Google Nexus which Android OS is updated by Google directly. Great LG hardware + latest Google Android OS == Perfect?

Google Nexus 4

How to backup, sync, restore Android apps & data without root access?

Backup Android applications, games and data are fairly easy with Titanium Backup. However, root access is required in order to use Titanium Backup just like most other Android backup applications in Google Play Store. Can I backup and restore Android applications and data without root access? Yes, you can but adb knowledge is required. No worry, ClockworkMod team has make our lives easier by coming out this useful application ~ Carbon – App Sync and Backup. Carbon does not require root access. Therefore, I can use it on my unrooted HTC One X.

Carbon – App Sync and Backup


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