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Gsou F2 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Looking for ultra-portable wireless speaker for entertainment on the go? Have a look on Gsou F2 Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker. It is powered by 18 coil of dual magnet 5W speaker and has sturdy aluminium alloy body. In addition, it has IPX5 waterproof rating and loaded with speakerphone ability too. How does Gsou F2 perform? Let’s find out…

Gsou U210 Stereo Hi-Fi Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

Hey guys, check out my latest mini Hi-Fi system. Yeah… It is Gsou U210 Wireless Bluetooth speaker. Powered by 16 coil of dual magnet 5W speaker and equipped with Enhanced Sound Technology (EST) to provide full spectrum audio and deep bass. Speakerphone enabled and it’s also a MP3 player. Yup, just plug in microSD card and enjoy your music then. Besides, it also has interesting design – cool and cyber look. Alright, let’s wait no more and check it out…

Gsou U171 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Looking for small and ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker for entertainment on the go? I have one to introduce you – Gsou U171 Portable Bluetooth Speaker. It is an ultra-mini cube rechargeable 1 channel speaker with sleek premium metallic body, nice and stylish. Besides, it also has a built-in speakerphone for small group conference call. How does Gsou U171 perform? Let’s find out.


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