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Turn HTC HD2 into HTC HD7

Yeah… Who need to buy a new HTC HD7 when you have the all mighty HTC HD2? Yes, with Windows Phone 7 loaded on HTC HD2, you are one step closer to make your HTC HD2 into HTC HD7. The LEO “Stock” NAND Windows Phone 7 ROM does not have any HTC applications that come along with HTC HD7. So all we need to do is install them by ourselves.

HTC Applications for Windows Phone 7 HTC HD2

  • Attentive Phone
  • Calculator
  • Connection Setup
  • Converter
  • Flashlight
  • HTC Hub
  • Lists
  • Love
  • Notes
  • Photo Enhancer
  • Sound Enhancer
  • Stocks
  • YouTube

How to unlock Windows Phone 7 HTC HD2 with ChevronWP7?

My Windows Phone 7 on HTC HD2 is useless without unlock. Why? I cannot access to Windows Marketplace, XBOX Live or use any Windows Live Services without getting Windows Phone 7 activated. Even that I can access, can I? Hmm… Malaysia does not support them yet. Therefore, the only way to install applications without Windows Marketplace is to use 3rd party software. And that requires your Windows Phone 7 to be unlocked first.

Thanks for xda-developer, ceesheim for coming out this guide. And here is the detail step by step guide that I have gone through…

Download user manual for Windows Phone 7 HTC HD2

Hehe… This is not the actual user manual guide for HTC HD2 with Windows Phone 7. But it should work since your HTC HD2 is almost the same as HTC HD7 with Windows Phone 7 + HTC HD7 OEM applications. It is HTC HD7 user manual and quick start guide…

Download HTC HD7 user manual here.
Download HTC HD7 quick start guide here.

This will help you get started and know better with the new Windows Phone 7 on your HTC HD2.

How to enable 3G data connection on Windows Phone 7?

Enable 3G data connection on Windows Phone 7 is exactly the same as the way on Android HTC HD2 (at least for me). But I can’t find a place to set MMS like Android in the same APN setting. Anyway, I don’t use MMS at all. I prefer to send email with attachment. By the way, there are lot of guides with lot of different settings on APN. Try them if you want. But below simple one work for me…

Guide to enable 3G data connection on Windows Phone 7

  1. Go to ‘Settings’.
  2. Then go to ‘cellular’.
  3. Click on ‘add apn’.
  4. Key in ‘apn’ at APN column. Note – you can key in any name you want. I selected ‘apn’.
  5. Leave User name and Password as blank.
  6. Click check.
  7. Make sure that you enable the data connection.
  8. That’s all.

Disable Wi-Fi connection. Your phone should connect to Internet using 3G data connection now. Enjoy…


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