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Trade in HTC One X for HTC One at RM999, worth it?

HTC Malaysia had a special trade in program last month ~ HTC One X to HTC One for RM999. However, that was at KL only. But they extended to several places like Selangor, Kuching, Sibu, Penang & Johor Bahru and new dates until 13th October. Too bad that I missed the chance at Penang again. Anyway, I have a question in my mind – does it worth to trade in HTC One X for HTC One at RM999?

HTC One X to HTC One

How to stop USSD TEL attack on Android devices?

How to stop USSD TEL attack on Android devices? Yes, there is vulnerability in Android platform that can remote factory reset your Android devices like Samsung Galaxy S III or HTC One X by using USSD codes. I once heard people complaint that his Samsung Galaxy S II got wipe out when visited a website. How can that be happening? I was thinking… But turn out it is true. Check out below video…

All Android devices should have unlocked bootloader!

Android is an open source platform. And I love it that way. Because I can enjoy latest and greatest Android OS version, features, enhancements, modifications, tweaks and hacks unofficially by 3rd party developers. Yes, you will get software update / firmware upgrade even official manufacturer stops supporting your Android devices. Just take Amazon Kindle Fire as example. Amazon did not update it for quite some time but I still can enjoy the latest Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean on Kindle Fire. And plus lot of nice features like OTG, access to Google Play Store… Same apply to the legendary HTC HD2.

unlocked bootloader
Unlocked bootloader on Android devices

USB OTG Cable ~ A must have accessory for Android devices

Still don’t have USB OTG cable? Then you are not getting all the features out of your Android devices. Of course, your Android devices need to support USB host function in order for you to use USB On-The-Go. It enables USB flash drive, mouse, keyboard, joypad or any USB peripherals that support USB OTG on your Android devices. My Samsung Galaxy S II, Amazon Kindle Fire (using custom ROM), Samsung Galaxy S III and Google Nexus 7 support USB OTG. It is ashamed that HTC One X does not support USB OTG natively. Not going to install custom ROM (which supports USB OTG) until S-OFF for HTC One X is available…


New HTC One X system update 1.29.707.11 OTA for Asia

Finally, HTC One X gets 1.29 system update OTA in Asia region now. Thanks Zul and Sunny for the tips. HTC One X users in Asia with HTC One X Software number 1.26.707.2 and 1.28.707.10 should receive system update notification anytime soon. Several Singapore and Malaysia HTC One X users confirmed and upgraded to 1.29.707.11 system update through OTA. Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines HTC One X users should get it too soon. What are the new improvements and bugs fix? Well, the HTC One X SD storage issue that I hated most seem to be solved already. But it still have 1033 MB being used as System data. Will monitor if it increases size or not. However, this 1.29.707.11 system update does not solve HTC One X Bluetooth connectivity issue. I am still facing songs skipping, get disconnected and signal loss issues.

HTC One X system update 1.29.707.11 OTA for Asia


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