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My HTC One X is in perfect condition

Finally, I got my HTC One X back from HTC Service Center (SiS Distribution (M) Sdn Bhd) in Penang, Malaysia. Well, as I mentioned previously. My HTC One X is in perfect condition. I double triple confirm with HTC Headquarter in Taiwan. Yes, my HTC One X is working properly and everything is within HTC specifications and standards. Therefore, all my previous HTC One X testings and reviews are valid.

My HTC One X is in perfect condition

Download Screen Standby (MHL / HDMI mirroring) for Android

Play lot of games on Android devices through MHL / HDMI mirroring on TV? I have a free Android application that you should try ~ Screen Standby by nkaHnt. Screen Standby switches off the screen temporarily without actually putting the phone into sleep mode. The phone is still running and this saves your battery, avoids heating to prolong battery life. Of course, you still enjoy games and movie on your big TV. Note – root access is required.

Screen Standby

HTC One X hardware quality suck!!!

I always suspect that my HTC One X has hardware issues. Well, I was wrong because HTC Service Center in Penang, Malaysia said that my HTC One X is perfectly fine after days of diagnosis. So I can’t enjoy One to One Exchange on HTC One X. All HTC One X hardware issues like screen flex, overheating and Bluetooth connection issue that I faced is considered normal to HTC. So this translate HTC One X hardware quality suck!!! Really disappointed with HTC after the legendary HTC HD2 that I love. HTC smartphone quality is getting worst nowadays…

HTC One X hardware quality suck!!!

Silicone suction cup ball stand review

Want to enjoy movie on your smartphone? Holding it with your hands for long hour is not a brilliant idea. No worry, silicone suction cup ball stand comes to rescue. It is small and easy to carry during travel. Supports your phone or MP4 player in landscape and portrait position. It is a nice companion for iPhone and iPod Touch. But I use it mostly on my Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X…

Silicone suction cup ball stand

Top best universal portable stand for tablet & mobile phone

I always wish to have a universal portable stand for all my tablet and mobile phone. Yes, I have one that I can use on my Apple iPhone, The new iPad, Google Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy S2, HTC One X, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 now. The best universal portable stand to rule them all. In addition, it is still workable on tablet and smartphone with casing unlike silicone suction cup ball stand. This universal portable stand is the best pal of my Nexus 7 now. And will make new friend with Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 too…

Top best universal portable stand for tablet and mobile phone


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