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SpotCam Sense Review

Yeah… I have the latest IP camera from SpotCam. Meet SpotCam Sense, everyone. It is an improved and updated version of SpotCam HD. Yup, they share many great features like cloud storage with bank-level security, HD video quality, real-time alert, two-way audio, and many more. Yes, it is a network IP camera which store video on the Internet. You can view recorded video on your mobile devices or PC with network connectivity anywhere you like. Sound great? Read this review to find out more…

SpotCam HD Review

Hey guys, check out my latest gadget – SpotCam HD. If you think that it is just another IP camera, you are wrong then. Unlike normal IP camera which store videos at network video recorder (NVR), SD card, network attached storage (NAS) or a PC / server locally, SpotCam stores them on the Internet. Yes, it is a Wi-Fi video monitoring surveillance camera that store video at cloud server outside your house. It cut out the troublesome local NVR installation, and let you view live video and recorded video footage anytime, anyplace. Sound good? Let’s find out…

Foscam FI9820W in the house

Yeah… I got myself an Internet protocol camera or IP camera for short. IP camera is totally new to me. Took me several days to study it. Narrow down to 2 megapixel 720P HD pan & tilt H.264 network cameras that I prefer ~ D-Link DCS-5222L and Foscam FI9820W. Not much review for these IP cameras. Foscam FI9820W is known to have issue on low light environment ~ picture / video quality is not as bright as older Foscam IP camera models. But I ended getting Foscam FI9820W too because it is cheaper than D-Link DCS-5222L. Will study more about IP camera and get a better one in the future when needed…

Foscam FI9820W


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