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Apple iPhone 4 Games Tour ~ Maxis10 (Video)

One of the selling point of iPhone 4 ~ games. Lot of interesting games no matter is paid or free developed for iPhone and iPod touch can be found in Apple App Store. Warning, these games are addictive. You can play them all day long. Trust me, I am a victim. Here are the demo of the games like Angry Birds, Super K.O. Boxing 2, Drift Mania, iFighter, Tap Tap Revenge 3, Monster Mayhem, Mega Jump and Coastal Super-Combat. Check them out in below video…

Apple iPhone 4 Sound Amplifier Review (Video)

iPhone 5 is just around the corner. But that does not stop you from buying accessories to enhance your lovely iPhone 4, right? Apple iPhone 4 Sound Amplifier is the star of the day. Apple iPhone 4 Sound Amplifier will enhance and amplify the sound of your iPhone. It use the old-fashioned acoustical science ~ sound amplifier adds up to 12 decibels of sound pressure. No wire and power outlets are needed. Furthermore, it is compatible on iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G S, iPhone 4 (AT&T), iPhone 4 (White) and iPhone 4 (Verizon Wireless) phone models. Okay, let’s find out its sound quality…

Apple iPhone 4 Shell Holster Combo Review

Apple iPhone 4 is the best iPhone yet. And you should not leave it naked. Put case on it. Here is an Apple iPhone 4 Shell Holster Combo that you can put on your iPhone 4 no matter AT&T or Verizon versions. Basically, it is rubberized swivel holster with rear cover shell. The shell can be used alone and its integrated kickstand is perfect for easy handsfree movie viewing and FaceTime video chatting. I love it…

Apple iPhone 4 with rear cover shell

Top 10 MIUI Themes for Android

I am using Jaws-MIUI Android ROM for HTC HD2 (using the latest MIUI 03-12-10 and Hastarin 8.5.1 oldcam Kernel). Love its Theme Manager which I can change the theme that I like easily. And here are the top 10 MIUI Themes that I have. Find out which one is the best MIUI theme for you…

MIUI Frois-02 Theme
MIUI Frois-02 Theme

Where to buy micro SIM card adapter in Malaysia?

Have iPhone 4, iPad 3G and other brand phones with you? Changing SIM card between them is not as simple as ABC because both iPhone 4 and iPad 3G are using micro SIM card while others are still using the normal one. What should you do then? Simple, DIY your own micro SIM card adapter. But I am too lazy to do so as I scare that I might cut myself during the DIY session. So I looked for micro SIM card adapter in Malaysia. Too bad that I cannot find any retail shop that is selling micro SIM card in Penang or Kedah. So I bought it online.

Noosy micro SIM card adapter


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