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Vinnfier Champ 800 BTRM Review – Clear Treble with Powerful Deep Bass! Let’s Karaoke!

Wow… 240W total power output! Can you imagine what kind of sound can it produces? Yes, I am talking about Vinnfier Champ 800 BTRM Bluetooth Multimedia 2.1 Speaker with Karaoke System. In addition, you are getting other useful stuff like FM radio, built-in media player (SD & USB), remote control and 2 microphone inputs. Yes, there is a free wireless microphone for you to sing karaoke all day long too. Sound great? Have a guess…

Enjoy 20% discount Red Box Karaoke every Tuesday – Honor’s Day

Let’s sing karaoke! Yes, you can enjoy 20% discount at Red Box Karaoke & Green Box Karaoke every Tuesday by showing your Honor’s product and fill in details upon check-in at the reception counter. Yup, it is valid on every Tuesday from 2pm to 9pm (check-in time). Note – Red Box Plus and Pavilion Karaoke does not entitled this offer. By the way, here is the list of Honor products that can get this 20% discount – Honor 5X, Honor Band Z1, Honor 7 Enhanced, Honor 7, Honor 6 Plus, Honor 6, Honor 4X, Honor 4C, Honor Tablet, Honor Tablet Wifi, Honor 3C Lite and Honor 3C. Make sure that you bring along your Honor device in order to enjoy this promotion.

酷我音乐盒 KuWo Music Box ~ A music player that you don’t want to miss

酷我音乐盒 KuWo ~ A music player that you don’t want to miss. My friend, CC introduced this wonderful music player to me. It is not just a music player that plays MP3 or WMA. You can download more than 1,000,000 songs, MV, lyrics from its song database free. The scrolling lyric is the best part that I like. You can also enable desktop style lyrics. I am listening to MP3 and watching the lyrics to sing while typing this post. It is great to have this wonderful music player. By the way, the music box is in Chinese. But you can play / download songs in any languages.

酷我音乐盒 KuWo Music Box

千千静听 TTPlayer ~ Another music player

千千静听 TTPlayer is another music player from China. My friend, CC introduced this music player with 酷我音乐盒 KuWo Music Box. I tried KuWo for sometime and love it so much. And want to try out 千千静听 TTPlayer now. I did not go in depth with TTPlayer. One thing that I notice is it can search lyrics from the server. So all you need to do is play the MP3 from your PC and it will search the songs’ lyrics for you.

千千静听 TTPlayer


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