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Top best custom kernel for Nexus 4

Still not using custom kernel on your Google Nexus 4? Then you are not getting the best performance, battery life and extra features out of it. Yes, it can improve sound, display colour and gamma too. No need to install entire custom ROM but install custom kernel on stock ROM will do. There is lot of custom kernel that you can try. Some offer CPU & GPU overclocking, voltage control but some don’t. So just try them one by one and leave the best one on your Nexus 4.

Trinity Four Kernel for LG Nexus 4
Der Kernel Trinity Four

Adam Kernel for Galaxy S4 GT-I9500

Want to get more features and performance out from your Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500? Install custom kernel then. Besides getting all the nice extra features, you get root access too. This is the first step before trying custom ROM. Get familiar with custom kernel first, right? Adam Kernel is the star today. It has several interesting advantages like Wolfson Sound Control, CPU Voltage Control and Screen Colour & Brightness Control. Yes, you get more control on your Galaxy S4 in this case. And better battery life, faster response and performance thanks to tweaked Ondemand CPU Governor. Useless tracers are removed too.

Adam Kernel for Galaxy S4 I9500

Dual boot Galaxy S3 with Googy-Max Kernel

Want to use both Samsung firmware and CyanogenMod ROM at the same time on your Samsung Galaxy S3? Well, you can do so now. Thanks to Googy-Max Kernel which based on the famous Siyah Kernel. Yes, you can dual boot into Samsung Jelly Bean firmware and CM10.1 or CM10.2 ROM at the same time. Enjoy the best of both worlds. Besides, lot of goodies is added too like CPU & GPU overclocking and undervolting, dual sound engine (Wolfson and ScoobyDoo), auto rooting…

Googy-Max Kernel

Perseus Kernel for Galaxy S4 GT-I9500

Want to overclock your Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 CPU and GPU? Install Perseus Kernel then. Yup, custom kernel usually provide better performance, battery life, extra features compare to stock kernel. In addition, auto-rooting is part of the features. Therefore, you get the essential root access and other goodies when install it. So what are the features that Perseus Kernel for Galaxy S4 brings? CPU and GPU overclocking & undervolting support. You can control both ARM big.LITTLE CPU cores. NFS, CIFS and NTFS are supported. Super AMOLED colour control is added as well. Headphone, earpiece and speaker sound control (Wolfson) too. And other interesting features…

Perseus Kernel for Galaxy S4 I9500

Top best custom kernel for Nexus 7

Want to overclock and undervolt Google Nexus 7 CPU to get better performance and faster speed? Overclock Tegra 3 GPU to have improved 3D gaming experience? Well, you need to try out custom kernel on your Nexus 7. Yes, custom kernel usually brings extra features, stability, better performance and battery life. Of course, you need to find and use the best one out there. Luckily, there is not much custom kernel for Nexus 7. Just few of them… Yes, you can try all of them and pick the best one for you.

Der Kernel (Trinity Seven)
Der Kernel (Trinity Seven)


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