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Best custom kernel for Galaxy S4 GT-I9500

Are you looking for top custom kernel list for Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500? Well, you will have a hard time to search for it with Google and Bing (or Yahoo) nowadays due to their new search algorithm. Not an issue if you are a frequent XDA Forum visitor. Several custom kernels for Galaxy S4 I9500 can be found there (I9505 has more). But which is the best one? Let me tell you that. There are cofface Kernel, Razer LTS Kernel, Adam Kernel and Perseus Kernel. So far the last 2 are the active one. And has better features and support from developers. Yes, you will get root access from them. Lot of interesting goodies like Wolfson sound, CPU & GPU overclocking & undervolting and screen colour & brightness control. Just try them out to find out the best one for you…

Adam Kernel
Adam Kernel

motley kernel for Nexus 4

Google Nexus 4 is running smoothly on stock settings. However, it can be better by using custom kernel. Motley kernel for Nexus 4 is one of the custom kernels out there that you can try. Here are a few highlights of Motley kernel ~ CPU overclocking, voltage control, screen colour and gamma control. Of course, there are more useful features. Just take your time to explore them one by one.

motley kernel for Nexus 4
_motley kernel for LG Nexus 4

motley Kernel for Nexus 7

I thought that I never install custom kernel on my Google Nexus 7. I was wrong after tried lot of custom kernels on Nexus 4. Yes, custom kernel does work better than stock kernel due to extra features, better performance, battery life and more… Motley Kernel for Nexus 7 is on the spotlight now. It is based on Asus / Nvidia / Google Linux 3.1.10. Able to overclock and undervolt CPU. Yes, you can overclock Tegra 3 GPU too. And other features like dynamic EDP, compiler optimizations , I/O schedulers, TCP congestion control, ZRAM, multiple governors like Interactive, Performance, OnDemand, PowerSave, Conservative.

motley Kernel for Nexus 7

intersectRaven Kernel for Nexus 4

What is the point of installing custom kernel on Google Nexus 4? Stability, energy savings and have all improvements with minimum user interaction are some of the reasons that you should try intersectRaven Kernel for Nexus 4. Unlike other custom kernel for Nexus 4, intersectRaven Kernel does support CPU overclock and undervolt. But it does have useful features like GPU optimizations, screen colour tweaks by default, sound control and lot of improvements that too technical for me.

intersectRaven Kernel for LG Nexus 4

franco Kernel for Nexus 4

Franco Kernel for Google Nexus 4 has the most view in XDA Forum ~ Nexus 4 Original Android Development. Does it mean it is the best kernel for Nexus 4? Maybe but it is sure the most popular one there. What are the features in franco Kernel for Nexus 4? Well, the developer, franciscofranco did not write down feature list but a whole change log. So here are some that I got from there ~ headphones gain level, sound control, display colour & gamma control, temperature throttles, thermal control, improve performance & battery life, improve Hotplug driver and a lot more…

franco Kernel for LG Nexus 4

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