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MOLT Mstick LED Light Stick Review

Mstick is a LED light stick by MOLT. You can use it by its own. Or enhance its ability by featured modular application on your smartphone or smartwatch. Lot of light modes to play with like mood lamp, bike light, air display, sound visualiser, concept selfie and alarm. Suitable both indoor and outdoor. What makes it special? It automatically changes colour and animation based on your movements with G-sensor and environment sound too. Therefore, make it useful and fun to use. Interested? Let’s have a closer look then…

Divoom TimeBox Review

Remember Divoom AuraBox LED Bluetooth Speaker? Meet its successor – TimeBox – The most intelligent pixel speaker by Divoom yet. It has all the features of AuraBox but with improvements and added few new stuffs like FM radio, AUX out… Enjoy up to 121 programmable LED with 256 available colours now. And lot of sleep aiding programs and smart alarms to select. Of course, you have updated mobile app with more functions and features too. Sound great? Let’s find out together…


Wanbo X5 In-Depth Review – Watch This Before You Buy!!!

Hello guys, meet Wanbo X5 LCD projector that you have been waiting for. It is suitable for both day and night. Comes with useful...


Kingston Leads Channel SSD Shipments for the 6th Consecutive Year

Kingston Technology, a world leader in memory products and technology solutions, today announced TrendForce has named it as the number one third-party supplier of...