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Android 7 Multi-Window

Multi-Window is not new to Android. Lot of Android smartphones and tablets already support this feature years ago. However, it is not natively supported until Android 7.0 Nougat. Yup, Android 7.0 supports Multi-Window with two apps can run side-by-side or one-above-the-other in split-screen mode on handheld devices. And picture-in-picture mode on TV devices like Android TV. This is a great feature for those who love to multi-tasking. Yup, you can enjoy your favourite movie while replying SMS on your mobile phone. Same apply to Android TV Box…

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Multi Window

Multi window is one of the useful features in Samsung Galaxy devices. Yes, you definitely want to use it on Galaxy Note 3 with large 5.7″ screen. Perform 2 tasks at once. Checking messages while watching YouTube videos. Or browse 2 webpages. Email while go through photos in the Gallery. Lot of tasks can be done in this multitasking mode. And not to worry about performance as powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor and 3GB of RAM are more than enough to do so. Work in both landscape and portrait mode. My favourite – perform the primary task while enjoying music video…

Galaxy Note 3 Multi Window

Enable hidden floating, docking & 4 Multi Window on Galaxy Note 3

Multi Window is a great feature on Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Want to push it further? Yes, you can do so with MultiWindow Plus. It is a mod that enables floating, docking and quad view features. Don’t just stay with dual view only, right? Thing to take note – there may be graphical issues or stability issues and that is why Samsung disabled them in the production firmware version. But no harm to try since no root access is needed. Just remove it if you don’t like it. Note – root access is required.

MultiWindow Plus

How to enable multi window on Galaxy S4?

Multi window is one of the features in Samsung Galaxy series that you cannot miss. You can use 2 applications on the screen at the same time with Multi window enabled on Samsung Galaxy S4. For example, watch music video while browsing Internet, reply email while checking on Facebook update and a lot more. You can enable this kind of multi-tasking as long as the Android application supports it. ChatON, Chrome, Facebook, MX Player, YouTube are some of the applications that support Multi Window. Wish to all more apps there? Ask the application developer to support it or root your Galaxy S4…

Multi window on Samsung Galaxy S4

How to enable all apps on Galaxy S4 multi window?

You can multi-task with Multi window on Samsung Galaxy S4. It is a nice feature on Galaxy S4. However, not every application supports multi window ability. You can’t even select them in this case. But only for those supported natively. How to enable all apps on Galaxy S4 multi window? Samsung Multi Window Manager can help but with limitation. And root access is required.

Non supported apps on Galaxy S4 multi window


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