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Roidmi 2S Music Bluetooth Smart Car Charger Review

You may not know Roidmi. But you should know Xiaomi which famous with their affordable yet powerful smartphone. Roidmi company is backed by Xiaomi Technology, which invests in automotive intelligent devices. And here is their latest product – Roidmi 2S Smart Car Charger. It is not just a normal charger but loaded with lot goodies like Bluetooth music player, hands-free calls, navigation broadcasting and voice recognition. Sound great? Let’s have a detail look on it…

酷我音乐盒 KuWo Music Box ~ A music player that you don’t want to miss

酷我音乐盒 KuWo ~ A music player that you don’t want to miss. My friend, CC introduced this wonderful music player to me. It is not just a music player that plays MP3 or WMA. You can download more than 1,000,000 songs, MV, lyrics from its song database free. The scrolling lyric is the best part that I like. You can also enable desktop style lyrics. I am listening to MP3 and watching the lyrics to sing while typing this post. It is great to have this wonderful music player. By the way, the music box is in Chinese. But you can play / download songs in any languages.

酷我音乐盒 KuWo Music Box

Samsung Galaxy S4 Music Player for Galaxy S3

There is a whole ROM dump of Samsung Galaxy S4. So basically you can try out all the new Galaxy S4 features if your current Android phone like Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 firmware can support them. Galaxy S4 Music Player is one of them. Anything new in this music player, try it out and let me know…

Galaxy S4 Music Player

Download KuWo Music Player for Android Free

How can I forget KuWo Music Player (酷我音乐播放器) for Android? KuWo Music Box is one of my favourite music players on PC. You can download more than 1,000,000 songs, MV, lyrics from its song database for free. And it is available on Android Market for quite sometimes and I still don’t know about it at all. Too bad that MV feature is not available on Android version. And not even on tablet version too. Anyway, as least that I still can enjoy listen to the music with lyrics.

KuWo Music Player

Download TTPlayer 千千静听 latest version

Yeah… The latest TTPlayer version is out. Hehe… It was released long time ago. I just noticed it when it prompted me to install.

TTPlayer 千千静听 v5.6.3


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