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Vinnfier Neo Air 2 Review – Nice Bedside Multi-Purpose Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charging

3 watts total system power (RMS), Bluetooth, dual alarm clock, FM radio, 5W wireless charging, built-in MP3 player… Yes, these are all part of the latest Vinnfier Neo Air 2. Besides, it is loaded with large and clear LED display for clock. How does it perform? Let’s find out together…


KYSONA M600 Review – One Gaming Mouse to Rule Them All!

Introduction One gaming mouse to rule them all! Yup, KYSONA M600 Gaming Mouse is the star today. It is loaded with tri-mode connection - USB-C...


Kingston Expands External SSD Lineup with XS1000

Kingston Technology, a world leader in memory products and technology solutions today announced the XS1000 External SSD, a small and incredibly sleek file backup...