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NFC screen locked / off mod for Galaxy S4

Use NFC feature on your Samsung Galaxy S4 most of the time? This NFC screen locked / off mod will ease your life then. No need to turn on and unlock Galaxy S4 in order to use NFC function. Just put your smartphone near NFC device or tag will do. Working when screen if locked or off. There are several firmwares are supported on both odexed and deodexed like XXUBMF4, XXUBMF8, JUBMG3, XUBMGA, XUBMG1 and CUAMF3. More to come…

Galaxy S4 NFC screen locked / off mod

Enable NFC on locked / off screen for Samsung Galaxy S3

Near field communication (NFC) is a set of standards for devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching them together. You can exchange data with other devices easily. However, Samsung Galaxy S III NFC does not work when screen is off or locked by default. It is a bit troublesome if you are a frequent NFC user. But the is a mod to hack and enable NFC on Samsung Galaxy S3 even with locked and off screen.

Enable NFC on locked / off screen for Samsung Galaxy S3

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