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How to hard reset HTC HD2?

Hmm… This is what most of the user don’t like to do ~ hard reset your own phone. But I am going to hard reset my HTC HD2 in the near future. Why? Most of the applications like calculator, Google Maps, Garmin Mobile XT do not able to rotate to landscape mode anymore. Luckily, Opera Mobile 10 which heavily use still working. And HTC album and music player are working fine too. Not sure why my phone behave like this. Maybe I installed some ‘dangerous’ applications… Who know? Anyway, there is the guide to hard reset HTC HD2 that I took from HTC website.

Display Outlook tasks on Manila home screen with Advanced Home Tab v2.0

I love Co0kie’s Home Tab on my HTC HD2. And here come an add-on ~ Advanced Home Tab 2.0 for Co0kie’s Home Tab. The main feature is to show Outlook tasks on Manila home screen. It is very useful to check on the uncompleted tasks. I forget to bring up the to-do list sometimes. But with it, I don’t need worry about that anymore. Hehe… At the time of writing this, I realize that I forgot to send PhotoShop watermark to CW.

Outlook tasks on Manila home screen

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