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Samsung Galaxy S4 overheat issue

Some readers said that I am pro Samsung devices and hate HTC devices. Well, I am not in favour to any brand (FYI, I love my legendary HTC HD2, no smartphone can beat it). Neither Samsung nor HTC pay me to write. No free goodies from them too. I am just telling the truth and nothing but the truth. Yes, my Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 overheats. Luckily, not as hot as HTC One X (HTC One X auto shutdown when battery temp reaches 70 °C. Yes, it can overheat up to 70 °C). But still consider hot instead of warm especially on top part of the phone where all the heavy duty chips are located there.

Samsung Galaxy S4 overheating

HTC One X hardware quality suck!!!

I always suspect that my HTC One X has hardware issues. Well, I was wrong because HTC Service Center in Penang, Malaysia said that my HTC One X is perfectly fine after days of diagnosis. So I can’t enjoy One to One Exchange on HTC One X. All HTC One X hardware issues like screen flex, overheating and Bluetooth connection issue that I faced is considered normal to HTC. So this translate HTC One X hardware quality suck!!! Really disappointed with HTC after the legendary HTC HD2 that I love. HTC smartphone quality is getting worst nowadays…

HTC One X hardware quality suck!!!

Official HTC Statement: HTC One X is normal to overheat

If the phone is in normal use without playing games or calling for long time, the temperature should be around 37°C or 38°C. But if you use your phone to play games or surfing internet for a long time, it will be normal that the temperature rises to around 55°C.“, official statement from HTC.

I was worried after discovered my HTC One X is overheating up to 53.5 °C. Consulted HTC Support. Was asked to do a battery test. And found out that my HTC One X battery is performing well. So I double confirm with HTC Support again. And got the statement as above.

HTC One X overheating issue

HTC One X is too hot to handle. Yeah… Just like the new iPad. They share the very same ‘hot’ issue. HTC One X suffers overheating issue on its NVIDIA quad-core Tegra 3 and 720p HD Super LCD2 IPS display screen. You will get uncomfortable warmness on the LCD screen and back of the phone (especially near the camera lens) after playing intensive 3D games. Hardcore 3D gamers need to take note on this…

HTC One X overheating issue

Yup, HTC One X battery temperature went up to 53.5 °C after played 3D games for just 20 minutes. For you information, HTC One X battery temperature is around 34 °C during standby. HTC One X overheats easily when playing 3D games. I knew that playing 3D games will overheat as NVIDIA quad-core Tegra 3 CPU and GPU are working hard. But was not expecting battery temperature will go up as high as 53.5 °C.

By the way, HTC One X battery temperature easily goes above 40 °C on normal usage like taking shot with camera, watch video clips and listen to MP3. And up to 45 °C when browse Internet with Wi-Fi connection. A ‘hot’ product from HTC indeed…

HTC One X overheat up to 63.8 °C

HTC One X overheats up to 63.8 °C? Based on HTC Support ~ temperature raises to around 55°C on HTC One X is considered normal. However, I am getting as high as 63.8 °C on my HTC One X after 1.28.707.10 system upgrade.

HTC One X overheat up to 63.8 °C


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