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How to play Tegra & Snapdragon games on Kindle Fire?

Most of the Android 3D games are available for all GPU like Tegra 2, Qualcomm Snapdragon and PowerVR chipset. However, there are some still exclusive available for certain GPU like NVIDIA Tegra 2 THD games ~ Big Top THD, SoulCraft THD, Galaxy on Fire 2 THD… With Chainfire3D, you can play all of them (almost) on Amazon Kindle Fire which has PowerVR SGX540 GPU with gamepad (like GameSir G4s Review).

Galaxy on Fire 2 THD on Kindle Fire

How to play Tegra, Snapdragon & PowerVR games on Samsung Galaxy S2?

One of the greatness of Android is open source standard but it is also a curse ~ fragmentation. This fragmentation is not only happened in software but in hardware too. Android phone manufacturers can create own hardware and software standard. There are currently 3 popular gaming platforms used by Android phones ~ Tegra, Snapdragon and PowerVR. PowerVR is being used by phone like Samsung Galaxy S and Motorola Droid. Snapdragon is a platform from Qualcomm and it is used by HTC Sensation and Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. And finally Tegra from NVIDIA is used by LG Optimus 2X and Samsung Galaxy Z. The powerful Samsung Galaxy S II is using another GPU from ARM ~ Mali-400 MP. However, it cannot run games that designed for Tegra, Snapdragon and PowerVR. Luckily, there is a hack to enable Samsung Galaxy S2 to play Tegra, Snapdragon and PowerVR games. And great to play with gamepad like GameSir G4s (do read GameSir G4s Review).

NVIDIA Tegra games on Samsung Galaxy S2

How to enhance 3D games graphics quality on Galaxy S4?

Samsung Galaxy S4 has 5″ Full HD Super AMOLED (1920 x 1080) display at 441 ppi. Playing 3D games with Galaxy S4 is enjoyable. Why? PowerVR SGX 544MP3 GPU is powerful enough to give smooth frame rate. Furthermore, you can enable 4x MSAA (Multisample anti-aliasing) on Galaxy S4 to improve 3D games graphics quality. But you need to have very good eyes because average users can’t see aliasing effect on 441 ppi. So what is the point of enable 4x MSAA on Galaxy S4? Bigger screen like TV. Yes, 3D games graphics quality will definitely improve when output through MHL adapter to bigger screen like TV or LCD monitor.

Subway Surf @ 4x MSAA

How to install and use Chainfire3D on Samsung Galaxy S3?

Samsung Galaxy S III is equipped with ARM Mali-400 MP GPU (overclocked version of Samsung Galaxy S II). So Samsung Galaxy S3 can play Tegra, Snapdragon and PowerVR games with Chainfire3D’s help just like Samsung Galaxy S2. However, Chainfire3D was not updated for quite sometimes. So it does not support the latest NVIDIA Tegra 3 games. Or maybe it does? Anyway, if you have old Tegra 2, Snapdragon and PowerVR games and want to play them on Samsung Galaxy S3. Feel free to install Chainfire3D on Samsung Galaxy S3. Note – root access is required.

Install Chainfire3D driver on Samsung Galaxy S3

How to install & use Chainfire3D on Kindle Fire?

Chainfire3D is a must installed add-on for 3D gamer on Android devices. With Chainfire3D, you can enjoy 3D games that optimised for Tegra 2 THD and Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset on Amazon Kindle Fire that is using PowerVR SGX540 GPU. Therefore, you are not limited to PowerVR 3D games on Kindle Fire from now on. Example, you can play Tegra 2 optimised 3D games like Galaxy on Fire 2 THD…


  • Root access

Chainfire3D requires root access on Kindle Fire to install its intermediary OpenGL driver. Please refer to this guide to root Kindle Fire – How to root Kindle Fire with BurritoRoot? (Video). By the way, it is advisable to have TWRP 2.0 Recovery installed on Kindle Fire too. Make a full system backup before install Chainfire3D. I tried Chainfire3D on both stock Amazon software and CM7 ROM. Working great…

Install CF3D driver on Kindle Fire


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