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How to hard reset Redmi 2?

Is your Xiaomi Redmi 2 smartphone not performing well lately? Maybe it’s time to hard reset it to original stage. Factory data reset Redmi 2 will clear and delete everything on your phone. Make your Redmi 2 like a new one again. Of course, all your installed applications and games, personal data (music, video, photo), settings will be deleted as well (you can choose not to delete them but it might not solve issues then). Therefore, be sure to backup all the stuffs first before hard reset.

Factory data reset Redmi 2

How to install 3rd party apps / games APK on Redmi 2?

There are lot of Android applications and games APK on the Internet. Or the one that you backup from existing apps or games. Yes, they are in APK file format. And normally you can’t install them as Google blocked it by default because the safest way to get Android applications and games is through Google Play Store. Anyway, you still can install 3rd party APK on Redmi 2 through File Explorer.

Install blocked

How to enable USB debugging mode on Redmi 2?

How to enable USB debugging mode on Xiaomi Redmi 2? If not mistaken, it is enable by default (at least on the MIUI ROM that I using now). Hmm… But you can’t disable it. Anyway, you can always turn on USB debugging mode. Yes, even you are not an Android developer, you can do so too. Just follow below guide to find out.

USB debugging mode on Redmi 2

How to enable Developer options on Redmi 2?

Where are the Developer options on Xiaomi Redmi 2? Well, it is hidden by default just like other Android devices. You can install developer ROM on Redmi 2 to enable it. But that’s not user friendly at all. Luckily, Google makes a simple way to do so. And Redmi 2 with MIUI 6 ROM is able to enjoy that too.

Developer options on Redmi 2

How to test Redmi 2 hardware function?

The very first thing to do when I got my new smartphone – test all hardware functions. Same apply to Xiaomi Redmi 2 that I bought from Mi Malaysia online store. Of course, I cannot run all the tests on the spot like buy it at physical mobile phone store. But it should help for those who do. The test tool is actually Xiaomi engineering test suite in their factory. They will run all these tests and make sure that Xiaomi devices passed all tests before ship to customer. But no harm to run them again by yourself if you wish too.

Engineering Mode


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