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T95K Pro Superceleron ROM

Yes, there is Sunvell T95K Pro custom ROM after all. Yup, Superceleron developer has one for all T95K Pro Android TV Box users. And this is not limited to Sunvell brand only. In short, all T95K Pro boxes should be the same. Therefore, you can try out this custom ROM too. Besides, there is custom ROM for T95U Pro and T95Z Plus as well. T95U Pro is using the same hardware as T95K Pro by the way. Personally, I prefer custom ROM as it is much better and faster than original stock ROM. Just try it yourself to find out…

Download & install Android 6.0 Marshmallow ROM for WeTek Hub

I love manufacturer with great continuously support. WeTek is one of them for sure. Yes, you can enjoy Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow on your WeTek Hub now. It should have better 4K support for those streaming apps that also have content in 4K. By the way, this is a development build and some bugs are still flying here and there. Therefore, do try it at your own risk. Or just wait for stable version to come out. But I know some of you won’t stop and go ahead and try it anyway. No worry, you still can downgrade back to original WeOS 1.0.2 build if Marshmallow is not your cup of tea yet.

Download & install Android TV ROM for WeTek Hub

Want to try out something new on your WeTek Hub Android TV Box? Thanks to ricardopvz, you can now try out Android TV ROM (based on WeOS 1.0.2) on your very WeTek Hub. Personally, I did not try it out. But shouldn’t hard to install based on the instructions given. In short, just download Android TV ROM and install it with recovery. As usual, you need to factory reset first before install new ROM.

Download Redmi 2 Recovery & Fastboot ROM (Global & China)

Flashing Xiaomi Android devices are as easy as ABC (if you have little technical skill). Same apply to Redmi 2. Xiaomi has 2 types of ROM – recovery and fastboot. Recovery ROM is for regular update which will not wipe your user data or the files in internal storage. It is like OTA update. As for fastboot ROM, you have the chance to wipe data to solve bugs and issues. Recovery ROM is easier to install when compare to fastboot ROM which require PC to do so through fastboot mode. Recovery ROM can be installed within phone using Mi-Recovery. Both of them have their own advantages and weaknesses. Therefore, choose the correct one for your need. Remember to install the correct region ROM – Global or China. And choose stable ROM for normal users developer ROM to get earlier access to new features (and bugs too).

How to install MIUI 6 ROM (stable build) on Redmi 1S?

Finally, Xiaomi Redmi 1S users can enjoy MIUI 6 too after few months of waiting. Yes, the official global stable build V6.6.1.0 ROM is here for Redmi 1S. Users should start to get update over-the-air (OTA) in the next few days on your phones via the Updater app. If can’t wait for OTA update, you can always install it manually with recovery. So say goodbye to MIUI 5 now and enjoy MIUI 6 and newer Android 4.4 system. Yes, you can use Mi Band on Redmi 1S from now on too.


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