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Romoss GT1 Review

Looking for a thin and powerful power bank? Give Romoss GT1 a try. It is a 10000mAh dual ports power bank. Loaded with stylish aluminum alloy casing. Come with 2 colours – silver and rose gold. Interested? Read on then…

Romoss Ace 10 Review

Yeah… A power bank that has both lighting and micro USB inputs. Romoss Ace 10 power bank is the one that supports dual input. Of course, it comes with dual ports output and having 10000mAh capacity. And loaded with aluminum alloy housing. Interested? Read on to know more…

Romoss Domino DM10 Review

You might not know Romoss brand. But not for me as I am using its power bank whenever I go out. Yes, I have another new power bank from Romoss – Domino Series DM10. It has slim and portable design. 2.1A dual ports output with fast charging up to 10000mAh capacity. And it is made with durable premium Li-Polymer battery. How does it perform? Let’s find out…

Romoss QS05 Power Bank Giveaway

Want to own power bank that can change both Android and iOS devices? Today is your lucky day. Romoss is giving away 2 QS05 Power Bank for both of you and your friend for free. Just like both Romoss and JayceOoi.com Facebook pages. Share the giveaway post. And tag one of your friends to win this perfect companion to charge your smartphone on the go. What are you waiting for? Head to JayceOoi.com Facebook page to win yours now.

Note – Giveaway ends on 31th Dec 2016.

Romoss Q Series QS05 Power Bank Review

Looking for a power bank that easy to carry around? And comes with built-in charging cable? Able to change both Android and iOS devices too? Is there really a power bank that can do so? Yes, there is. Romoss Q Series QS05 Power Bank is the one that can do all of them. It is a compact power bank and loaded with 5000 mAh capacity. Sound like a perfect companion for your smartphone, right? Let’s find out…

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