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PEN.UP for Galaxy Note Series

Are you good at drawing with S Pen? Show off your skill with PEN.UP from Samsung. One of the must try applications for Galaxy Note 2 and 3 users. Too bad that my drawing skill is poor. Else you can see lot of my artworks there. Hehe… Can you make it into the Hall of Fame?


Galaxy Note 3 Applications for Galaxy Note 2

Can’t wait for official firmware that enables Air Command on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2? Well, you can always install leaked ROM with Galaxy Note 3 applications and features enabled. Yes, enjoy the latest stuffs like Gallery, Launcher, Safety Assistance, S Note, Sketchbook, S Planner… Not an adventurer type of person? Just wait for special release pack from Samsung then. Should come in next year after Galaxy S5 (I believe).

Air Command on Galaxy Note 2

How to enable Samsung Galaxy Devices hidden features

Yes, you can enable Samsung Galaxy Devices hidden features by changing CSC feature.xml (or others.xml) file. However, this is not the best method to do so because you need to edit the file manually. And you might break something if not done correctly. Therefore, Note 2 Hidden Settings application comes to rescue. It is a GUI app that help to change those hidden settings easily. So far it is working on Galaxy Note 1 & 2 (Verizon & international) and Galaxy S4. Note – root access is required.

Note 2 Hidden Settings

Dual boot Galaxy Note 2 – N7100 & N7105

Dual boot is not impossible on Samsung Galaxy devices. You can do so on Galaxy S3 and S4. Why not Samsung Galaxy Note 2, right? Yes, you can do so on Galaxy Note 2 on both N7100 and N7105 models with Devil Kernel. Enjoy both TouchWiz firmware and AOSP ROM like CyanogenMod at the same time.

Dual boot Galaxy Note 2
Screenshot from Galaxy S4

Milk Music – free radio service for Samsung Galaxy devices

Have Samsung Galaxy devices like Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Note 2, Note 3, S4 Active, S4 Mini or Mega? And living in US? You can enjoy a free Internet radio service with no ads that powered by Slacker. Listen to over 200 genre stations, curated from a music library of over 13 million songs. Too bad that it is not available at Malaysia. Tried Milk Music apk but no luck too. “Milk Music is not available in your current location” is what I got…

Milk Music

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