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Best Sub $100 Budget LCD Projector with Excellent Wireless & Wired Screen Mirroring – iOS & Android

Screen mirroring is the new add-on to Blitzwolf BW-VP1 Pro 720p LCD projector. You can cast your smartphone and tablet screen to it. Both iOS and Android are supported. Wireless (AirPlay & Chromecast) and wired through USB cable. Totally up to you…

Budget $200 YG620 Projector with 100″ Screen Size Demo

Budget projector is getting better each year. Brighter and higher resolution. Yup, check out my 1080p YG620 Projector with 6500 Lumens and 3000:1 contrast ratio. Great for both home entertainment and office work. YG620 is currently projecting at around 100” screen size. Check out its performance yourself…

How to calibrate Galaxy S4 screen colour?

You can improve Samsung Galaxy S4 screen display colour with preset 5 screen modes – Adapt display, Dynamic, Standard, Professional photo and Movie. However, they may not suit you totally. Some colours might slightly go off a bit. No worry, there is a way to calibrate Galaxy S4 Super AMOLED screen. Control brightness, edge enhancement, chroma saturation and white colour balance. For example, if you feel that there is too much green colour, just reduce the green gain in STweaks application. Or increase red gain value to make red colour more. That’s it. You can have a perfect screen colour if you have calibrator to help you.


How to improve Nexus 4 display screen colour?

How to improve Google Nexus 4 display screen colour? Yes, improve Nexus 4 washout screen colour is one of the reasons that I installed custom kernel. Most of the Android devices did not have display colour calibrated at factory like iOS devices (Yes, iPhone and iPad have better screen colour). But on Nexus 4, you can do so manually. With custom kernel that support colour settings, you can improve Nexus 4 display screen colour by tweaking red, blue and green colours, gradient / gray and gamma values. Some custom kernel set colour settings by default so that you won’t have to do so manually. And some you have to do so manually.

Set LG Nexus 4 screen colour

How to fix Nexus 7 screen flickering issue?

Oh no, my Google Nexus 7 has screen flickering issue. Guess that I am one of the lucky guys out there who face this Nexus 7 screen flickering issue. Actually, it is Nexus 7 display screen backlight that has issue. And this Nexus 7 screen flickering issue only happens when you have poor Wi-Fi signal (with active upload or download activities) and display brightness lower than 30%. I can easily see this issue because my old Wi-Fi router is still at IEEE 802.11g only (802.11n have better coverage range).

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