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How to improve wireless network signal & boost its range?

How to improve wireless network signal and boost its range? Personally, I don’t care much about my existing ASDL Wi-Fi router setup until I faced Google Nexus 7 has screen flickering issue. There is lot of ways to improve wireless network at home. Most of them require to add new hardware or changing it. My router is located at the best central location already. And I don’t want to make any hardware changes like replace router’s antenna, replace PC network adapter, add wireless repeater or upgrade to latest 802.11n router. Prefer to improve wireless network signal and range with software tweak…

Use the best Wi-Fi channel

HTC One X antenna reception test

Err… Why my HTC One X has poor reception / signal? Hey HTC One X user, you’re holding it wrong! So you will have poor reception. Just like iPhone 4, HTC One X has antennagate (death grip) issue too. Check out below HTC One X antenna reception test video to find out more…

How to improve HTC One X Wi-Fi performance?

HTC One X does not have good Wi-Fi connection? Well, there is a way to improve HTC One X Wi-Fi performance (and signal maybe). Personally, I tried on my HTC One X and did not feel any different. But yours might be better. Try it out…

Improve HTC One X Wi-Fi performance

HTC One X Wi-Fi signal test (vs Samsung Galaxy S2)

Besides poor 3G signal on HTC One X, HTC One X Wi-Fi connection is reported not good also. Seem like HTC One X GSM / HSPA and Wi-Fi antenna reception is not up to standard? As usual, I ran HTC One X Wi-Fi signal test with Samsung Galaxy S II as comparison. Who will be winner? Let’s find out…

HTC One X 3G signal improved in 1.28 system update

HTC One X had a poor 3G signal. But thanks to 1.28.707.10 system upgrade, HTC upgraded HTC One X radio baseband from 1.1204.90.13 to 1.1204.103.14. And it improves 3G signal reception. Wi-Fi signal is still the same on my HTC One X though.

HTC One X 3G Signal based on system update
1.28 | 1.26


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