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Overclock HTC HD2 CPU with LeoCpuSpeed v3

Yeah… I love overclocking. I overclock my Intel Core2 Quad X9650 Extreme CPU to 3.6GHz. And will overclock my HTC HD2 now too. From 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor to 4300 GHz.

LeoCpuSpeed v3 in action

Download Turbo3D v3.0 for HTC HD2

XDA Moderator, Chainfire had done a great job on HD2/Leo 3D Driver Patch again. This time to version 3 (Final) and renamed it to Turbo3D v3.0. It is also available from Microsoft Marketplace. It will fix Snapdragon devices like HTC HD2 that uses have an issue with OpenGL that makes 3D games very slow and/or stutter. Which mean your HTC HD2 will perform better in 3D now.


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Kingston Kickstarts a Gaming Revolution with the New Kingston FURY Lineup

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