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How to disable auto software update OTA on Kindle Fire?

Important ~ First of all, turn off your Kindle Fire Wi-Fi before continue reading this. Secondly, use Root Explorer (if your Kindle Fire is already rooted) to check /cache folder. Make sure no bin file there. Delete it if found. Thanks Deric for the tips.

Amazon Kindle Fire has automatic software update feature. So you will get the latest software update on Kindle Fire automatically when a new software version comes out. This is good for normal users who don’t care about rooting and installing custom ROM on Kindle Fire. They can enjoy all the latest features and bugs fix on new software update. Take my Kindle Fire as example, my initial Kindle Fire software version is v6 when I boot up it for the very first time. And it got updated to v6.2 through over-the-air (OTA) method few hours later after I registered my Amazon account on it. Why disable Kindle Fire auto software update? Well, the latest Kindle Fire software update v6.2.1 breaks SuperOneClick rooting method. So you can’t root Kindle Fire on software v6.2.1 until developers come out a solution to root it again…

Disable OTASilentInstall with App Quarantine

First Galaxy Note 3 OTA software update is here

Samsung is always fast on releasing new software update. Great software support I can say. Yes, here is the very first Samsung Galaxy Note 3 OTA software update. What does it bring? Improved stability. And from what I observed – it fixed the failed handwriting recognition issue and use lesser RAM (at 750MB now instead of 1GB previously). Any other improvements or bugs fixed?

Galaxy Note 3 OTA software update

First OTA update for Galaxy S4

Did you face force closed or hang issue on your Samsung Galaxy S4? Well, Samsung has an OTA system update for Galaxy S4 now (for Malaysia I9500 model at least). Hopefully, this will solve those ugly issues and improve stability. Yes, I did face hang issue during my benchmark testings. But did not see it during normal usage. Anyway, let’s see this update will help to improve overall performance or not. Time will tell…

First OTA update for Samsung Galaxy S4

How to upgrade Galaxy S4 firmware with OTA software update?

OTA (Over-the-air) software update is the best way to update Android devices like Samsung Galaxy S4. Yes, it is very simple and fast to upgrade to the latest firmware. And enjoy the new features, improved stability or bugs fix in the latest OTA software update. Usually, the OTA update package is below 100 MB in size. Not like the whole firmware which takes more than 1 GB file size. The best part, no PC or Mac is needed. The firmware update process is done on Galaxy S4 itself.

OTA update Galaxy S4
Latest Galaxy S4 OTA software update

How to upgrade Samsung Galaxy Note 2 firmware with OTA software update?

Over-the-air OTA software update is the current trend of upgrade firmware for Android devices including Samsung Galaxy Note II. It is simpler, easier and faster to do so. Usually, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 firmware OTA software update is around 50 MB in size. And all the firmware update process is done on phone itself (no Windows PC or Mac is needed). Most of the time, system will notify you that there is a new OTA software update available. If no, just check for the software update by yourself manually…

Upgrade Samsung Galaxy Note 2 firmware with OTA software update


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