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How to temp unroot Galaxy S4?

Need to temporary unroot Samsung Galaxy S4 in order to run certain Android applications or games? Yes, there are apps that do not let you run them if your device is rooted. Therefore, you need to temp unroot Galaxy S4 to run them. Luckily, it is not hard to do so. No need to use Voodoo OTA RootKeeper anymore because you can do so in SuperSU and Superuser themselves.

Temp unroot Galaxy S4

Superuser by ClockworkMod for Android

ClockworkMod has lot of stuffs lately. Besides the famous ClockworkMod Recovery and ROM Manager, Superuser is the latest addition to their family. Why need a new Superuser application? We already have outdated Superuser by ChainsDD and currently popular SuperSU by Chainfire. Well, Superuser by ClockworkMod is open source. Superuser should be open for independent security analysis since it control root access to your Android device, right? No harm to have another player in the market.

Superuser by ClockworkMod

How to root Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Nexus 7?

Why all applications that require root access are not working anymore on my Google Nexus 7? After troubleshooting, seem like Superuser application by ChainsDD does not support Android 4.2 Jelly Bean yet. So I have to re-root Nexus 7 with Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean (Build number JOP40D). How to root Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Nexus 7? The procedure is the same as previous Android version. Just Superuser application was replaced by SuperSU from Chainfire.

How to temp unroot Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

How to temp unroot Samsung Galaxy Note II? Yes, Readers Hub can’t be used on rooted Samsung Galaxy Note 2. You need to remove root access in order to use it. Well, not quite. Just uninstall and remove SuperSU (if you root Galaxy Note 2 with CF-Auto-Root). And you are ready to use Readers Hub again… Note – You need to install Superuser from Google Play Store after remove SuperSU. Readers Hub is working fine with Superuser.

Access denied to Readers Hub due to root access detected.

How to root Kindle Fire with BurritoRoot? (Video)

How to root Amazon Kindle Fire? You can use SuperOneClick to root Kindle Fire. But it is workable on software update 6.2 and below only. Thanks to BurritoRoot from XDA Developer, jcase. We can root Kindle Fire on software update 6.2.1 with BurritoRoot. BurritoRoot is an application that allows the android debug bridge (adb) to be ran as root simply by running the command ‘adb root’. It supports software update 6.1, 6.2 and 6.2.1 for the moment (6.0 is not supported). You can root Kindle Fire with BurritoRoot manually. Or the simplest way ~ uses Kindle Fire Utility to root Kindle Fire. It will install SuperUser App for you too in automated way. Just follow below step by step guide…


  • Kindle Fire adb USB driver
  • Kindle Fire Utility

First of all, you need to have Kindle Fire adb USB driver installed. Else Kindle Fire Utility can’t talk to Kindle Fire from PC. Follow this guide to do so ~ How to install Kindle Fire adb USB driver? (Video) And download Kindle Fire Utility.

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