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How to solve boot loop issue on Kindle Fire TWRP 2.0?

I love to try new stuffs. Just managed to install Team Win Recovery Project ~ TWRP 2.0 on my Amazon Kindle Fire. And managed to install CM7 ROM on Kindle Fire too. Play around with TWRP 2.0 Recovery. Backup Kindle Fire stock ROM. Wiping data… And I did one thing that I think it might cause issue. And it did. Selected reboot into recovery in CM7. As a result, my Kindle Fire keep boot into TWRP 2.0 Recovery even without pressing power button. In short, bootmode was set to recovery 5001 by default. So you need to change it back to normal 4000 bootmode.

Set bootmode to normal 4000

How to install custom Android ROM on Kindle Fire with TWRP 2.0? (Video)

The primary reason that I bought Amazon Kindle Fire ~ the ability to install custom Android ROM on Kindle Fire. Yes, we can install custom Android ROM like CM7 Android 2.3 Gingerbread, CM9 Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on Kindle Fire to replace the stock software from Amazon. We can do so with the help of TWRP 2.0 Recovery. Note – install a new custom Android ROM will replace existing ROM. So do make a full Kindle Fire system backup with TWRP 2.0 Recovery before continue. Done everything? Let’s follow below step by step video tutorial guide to install custom Android ROM on Kindle Fire.


  • TWRP 2.0 Recovery
  • Android ROM

How to install TWRP 2.0 Recovery on Kindle Fire? (Video)

How to install TWRP 2.0 Recovery on Amazon Kindle Fire? Yup, that’s the question to ask if you want to install custom ROM like CM7, CM9 ICS. Or make full system backup / restore. Team Win Recovery Project 2.0 (TWRP 2.0) is a custom recovery with touchscreen interface support is going help you do so on Kindle Fire. Okay, let’s stop the talking and follow below step by step video guide to install TWRP 2.0 Recovery on Kindle Fire. Kindle Fire Utility will do all the tasks for you…


  • Kindle Fire adb USB driver
  • Kindle Fire Utility

As usual, you need to have Kindle Fire adb USB driver installed. Else Kindle Fire Utility can’t talk to Kindle Fire from PC. Follow this guide to do so ~ How to install Kindle Fire adb USB driver? (Video) Do download Kindle Fire Utility if you don’t have it yet.

How to restore Kindle Fire with TWRP 2.0? (Video)

Facing lot of application force close issue? Want to retrieve deleted applications and data back? Then it’s time to restore Amazon Kindle Fire with backup. Of course, you need to have a backup Kindle Fire with TWRP 2.0 first in order to do a full system restores. You can select the partitions like system, data, boot, recovery, cache and .android_secure that you prefer to restore in TWRP 2.0 Recovery. Personally, I will restore all of them. Enable MD5 checking of backup files if you wish too. Okay, follow below step by step video guide to make full system restore of your Kindle Fire.

Download & Install TeamWin Recovery Project (TWRP) for Kindle Fire

After updated Kindle Fire Bootloader FireFireFire to the latest version, I decided to upgrade TeamWin Recovery Project (TWRP) for Kindle Fire to latest version 2.1.1 too. I use ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) on my other Android devices but use TWRP in Kindle Fire. Because TWRP was the first recovery for Kindle Fire. And it performs well and most Kindle Fire ROM developers support it too.

TeamWin Recovery Project (TWRP) 2.1.1


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