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Ugreen CD306 Nexode PD 65W GaN II 3-Port Charger Review – Small yet Mighty!

Hello guys, welcome. I am Jayce. I have been using this Ugreen 65W 4-port GaN Charger for years. And here is the latest addition that is perfect for travel. Much smaller than the previous model as you can see. The UK plug model is always bigger than US and EU plug. But that’s not the case for this foldable model…

Milk Music – free radio service for Samsung Galaxy devices

Have Samsung Galaxy devices like Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Note 2, Note 3, S4 Active, S4 Mini or Mega? And living in US? You can enjoy a free Internet radio service with no ads that powered by Slacker. Listen to over 200 genre stations, curated from a music library of over 13 million songs. Too bad that it is not available at Malaysia. Tried Milk Music apk but no luck too. “Milk Music is not available in your current location” is what I got…

Milk Music

Google Nexus 7 is eligible for Asus International Warranty​

Google Nexus 7 has the best price in US. Countries like Canada, UK and Australia have higher price. And other countries do not have Nexus 7 for sales until Asus itself brings it locally. So I believe most of us in other countries bought Nexus 7 from US. Good news for all of us, Google Nexus 7 is eligible for Asus International Warranty​ now.

Google Nexus 7
Google Nexus 7 is eligible for Asus International Warranty​

MarketEnabler ~ Let you access other countries’ Android Market

MarketEnabler is a must installed application for non-US Android users. MarketEnabler lets you access other countries’ Android Market by faking your phone location. Android Market is separated into regions (country and carrier specific) and some applications are just enabled for a specific country and not available to the other countries. For example, Malaysia does not have paid applications in their Android Market. And some of the applications like Google Maps does not listed as free application too. But MarketEnabler solved it and pop up most of the application (still no paid application tab thou). And not sure we can buy any application in US Android Market with Malaysia credit card or not too…


Maxis Wireless Broadband Review

Internet connection is a must for most of us nowadays. I cannot survive without Internet as I need to blog to make a living. There are 3 main broadband providers in Malaysia which are Celcome, Maxis and DiGi. I am so lucky to have a chance to test Maxis Wireless Broadband that I grab from my brother in law. He just subscribed to Maxis Wireless Broadband to cover his job need as a sales manager and got a free USB modem during the promotion.

Maxis Broadband


Armaggeddon GMK-100 Review – You Need This Mechanical Keyboard With Bluetooth...

Introduction One mechanical keyboard to rule them all. Yes, thanks to three modes of connection - Bluetooth 5.0, wired and 2.4G wireless. In addition, it...


Kingston XS1000 External SSD Wins 2024 Red Dot Award

Kingston Technology, a world leader in memory products and technology solutions, today announced the Kingston XS1000 External SSD was named a winner of the...