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Zorloo Aero Digital Earphone is coming

Update – Aero Digital Earphone campaign is now live at Indiegogo (http://igg.me/at/adigitalearphone). Get yours now!!!

Zorloo the company behind ZuperDAC USB DAC that I love is going to come out another in-ear earphones soon. Yup, it is Aero Digital Earphone (their 2nd generation). Unlike normal earphones, it has DAC and amp built-in. Yes, Aero is using the best-of-the-class HiFi ESS Sabre9018 audio DAC to deliver every fine detail with crystal clear sound. The audio output is fed to the custom made 14.8mm driver which not only reproduces the music in a faithful manner but is also itself capable of being replaced for personal taste, thanks to the modular architecture of the earphone driver design.

Zorloo ZuperDAC Portable Hi-Fi USB DAC Review

Not satisfy with your current devices’ audio quality? I have a solution for you. Yes, try out Zorloo ZuperDAC. It is a portable Hi-Fi USB DAC that can transform your existing PC, Mac, Android, iPhone and Raspberry Pi into a Hi-Fi music system. What makes ZuperDAC special? It is powered by the famous ESS Sabre ES9018K2M DAC which can be found in many high end digital audio players. And equipped with ESS Sabre ES9601 headphone amplifier too. Has USB Audio Class 2 compatibility and support up to 192kHz and 24-bit high resolution audio. Sound good? Read on to find out…


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