The best Nexus 7 case

Which one is the best case for Google Nexus 7? Is the official Nexus 7 Case suitable for you? Well, I prefer Nexus 7 sleeve case personally. I don’t want to put on any cover / case on Nexus 7. It will surely add some weight on it. I know that I might loss the stand ability from certain Nexus 7 cases. Prefer a dedicated stand for Nexus 7 because I don’t use it much (holding it most of the time).

The best Google Nexus 7 case (for me)

Universal 7″ tablet zipper case bag
With Nexus 7

The sleeve case that I got for Nexus 7 does protect it well. You can grab one here. Or look for other Nexus 7 case that suits you here.


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