Thunder English, XunLei English 5 language pack installation guide

Thunder English, XunLei English 5 language pack installation guide. Yup, I have Thunder English Language Pack (XunLei English) already. But I don’t have a guide to install it. No worry, here come the Thunder English, XunLei English 5 language pack installation guide.

How to install Thunder English, Xunlei English 5 language pack:
1. Download 迅雷 (XunLei) Thunder 5 English Language Pack first.
2. Copy it to Thunder language folder. (Eg. C:\Program Files\Thunder Network\Thunder\Languages).
3. Start Thunder (XunLei).
4. Click the third option, ??(V).
5. Then Language and select English(US).
6. That’s it, no more steps.

Enjoy downloading…


  1. I think u better just link to Hehehunter’s blog. He has did a good job with the translation as well as cleaner version of Xun Lei.

    Do check out his blog for the latest version at

  2. dear jayce, i downloaded the english pack, then copy to the language folder in “thunder network” folder, then open “thunder”, but “english” didn’t show in the “v”->”language” sub-menu. any idea what’s wrong?
    thanx for sharing.

  3. Thanks so much for the language pack and the installation guide… I’ve been making do with random characters for my Thunder downloader since last year. FINALLY, I can understand it! 😀 Thanks!

  4. thank you so much for this guide! i just downloaded and installed xunlei and i got in trouble on understanding CN language. keep it up dude!!!

  5. Previously I’m able to right click on links and choose the option ‘Download by Thunder’, but now there the option is gone, any idea how to get it back? I’m using Firefox and I have reinstalled Firefox recently, after reinstall the option is gone. Please help.

  6. Hi dear,

    I am trying to instal this programe as per your instruction but it is showing that not available for out siders beyond china due to some copyright issues. what should i do now.answer asap.

  7. Hi there, I’ve installed the English pack, though it is not fully corrected the language issue but I’m able to understand how to deal with the basic functions. Only 1 thing I’m unable to do is how to unable the auto run program every time during startup?

  8. I wanna install Thunder obtained here into my Win7 (Eng), plus the Eng pack.

    Upon installation of the main program, there are OPTIONS to select as follows:

    Well, it’s unreadable characters in my Eng system; however from TOP DOWN, there are SIX checkmarked items… I can only interpret the last one (6th), something like integration with the browsers Firefox/Opera/Maxthon.

    May you please tell me what the options are… should I uncheck some? Which ones? I prefer no Autorun either.

    Thanks Jayce Ooi for the enlightenment.


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