TM Net Streamyx is as slow as turtle?

TM Net Streamyx is as slow as turtle? Is this statement true? By the time I wrote this article. TM Net website is still not accessible from my house using TM Net own service ~ Streamyx. Besides, the connection speed to almost every website is as slow as turtle especially websites hosted in US. Is there any underwater connection break down again?

TM Net website is not found

I am still using 512Kb TM Net Streamyx which cost me RM 66 (USD 18) per month. This is the cheapest unlimited access broadband that TM Net provide. I can get 8MB connection at least if I stay in China with this price. When can Malaysia broadband improve?

What is your broadband connection speed and how much does it cost?


  1. Ya, it’s really slow this past few days. I can’t even log in to my affiliate sites hosted in the US… and to think that Streamyx prides itself as a leader in the industry…

  2. it’s slow as almost not working at all, it’s been as bad for more than a week and only today they’ve announce the problem.
    RM88 for whats claimed to be a 1MB connection.

  3. Use P1 WIMAX instead of streamyx, seriously its 100x faster. They got their own international cable link not thru stupid monopoly of the telekom. i tried it b4. just remember the 20 GB cap. after that its still fast when surfing but no p2p.

  4. I can confirm that it’s slow as a turtle in JB as well since last week -I’m on the 1MB package (more like 712kb package) and it’s really really slow since the situation. Facebook takes forever to load, Rapidshare (in which I have a premium account) barely downloads anything – all international websites are affected as well as sites hosted on US servers.

    I didn’t know how nationwide this problem was until I read your blog – so thanks for the heads up – just barely a month after the Dec31st cable problem and now this. Makes me wonder if they are using “tali rafia” to hold their cables together.

  5. W1max is a best bet to replace those pesky Streamyx. I notice most people think that 20GB of fair usage threshold a month is low but mind you that it was the highest a broadband company gave in Malaysia. Mind you that only Streamyx never reveal their fair usage policy numbers. All of the other broadband providers put it on their contract registration form on how many GB their giving. I’ve seen my friend using P1 and P2P is not a hassle. BETTER than stupid Streamyx!!!

  6. It’s slow EVERYWHERE! I was very frustrated with the service one night that I even had a spontaneousturtle drawing dedicated just for it. Are we owning the service that’s equivalence to our monthly subscription? I think NOT.

  7. @Zainul: My Streamyx usage already pass 20GB per month. Still downloading right now. 😛

    @Ching Ya: Nice drawing. And luckily the connection is getting better now. 🙂

  8. I thought i am the only one who experience this . YES it’s slow as turtle -_- Only at the midnight around 2am++ my connection ONLY can runs faster abit…the rest of the day all gone makes me frustrated -.-

  9. Tmnet is still slow like dialup. I call them today and they saw after 3-4 days will ok. Hopefully wimax will widen their coverage area so we all can say goodbye to streamyx forever.

  10. Arrr… I don’t care who is causing this. I just want it to be fixed.

    The Streamyx Internet connection is way too slow now. I can’t even load this page and post a comment. 😛

  11. I think a tutle is faster than than the TM Net streamy.And Yes, RM66 x all subscribers will be enough to hire a bunch of good lawyers. 🙂 I am still in ‘bearable state’ and when I become unbearable, I will start a big campaign, I already registered a few good domain names

  12. All you can say about TM net is that they are the shame of the nation. Think about it… if you go to the market and pay 100% for a product but only get 80% (from the 5 mangoes you only get 4) the whole market will be upside down. TM net claims “fair share”.

    So we pay for what TM net does not do. My view over the 4 years here in Malaysia? TM net is a rip off where the top is busy filling their pockets over the backs of us users. And I am not talking about P2P or torrents. They are anyway heavily shaped. I am talking about people who use the net, have websites and blogs running. TM net is not able to work. The top doesn’t want to invest, and if there is money, it disappears in the wallet of a few big fat people who run the organization.

    Try to call the “service” line. Half of the time someone disconnects you. Calls are closed without you being informed. But TM has proclaimed themselves as “broadband champion” and delivers “exceptional service”. The arrogance is unbelievable.

  13. Streamyx starting to cheatting our money now, we pay the price never can get the speed! same like me pay RM88 get slow than 56k Modem Speed and cannot Discount. This new service start from “2008 December”


    Me 4 Month No Pay The Bill Already, Streamyx Send Red Bill Come I Just Pay 1 Month Money, If Streamyx Block My Line, I Will Call 1300-88-9515 To F@CK Them! If They Say You Have 4 Month Bill No Pay So They Block My Line! I Will Say You Line So Slow! I Pay You Money So Fast For What?!


    Now I’m Keeping To Hold 3 Month Bill No Pay But I’m Still Can Using It!

    RECOMMAND : Hold Streamyx 2 Month Bill No Pay (2 Month No Pay They Cannot Block Our Line)
    Don’t Let Them Play Us! Power In Your MONEY!
    Come Everyone Do Like This! Only Me One People They Can’t Feel It.

    Nissan – Shift_the future
    Honda – Power of dream
    Toyota – Moving forword
    STREAMYX – Ready To Be WaterFISH

  14. as a malaysian who stay and work in sg, i would stay in singapore rather then close border go back to my house in jb just a 35 minutes travel, as malaysia internet connection even must more worse than india now a day!!
    In singapore, i am currently using a singtel 3g mobile brodband, the speed is 4 times faster then my house in jb, the wired adsl provide by tm!
    In sg, the highest download speed i expericed is 320kilobyte per second, in malaysia, it seem very hard even for 100kilobyte persecond, i realise that it seems not problem for local web access , but if u trying to access those website hosting in europe or usa, then will be at a snail speed!! a wired internet in msia, cant even compare with a pcs of 3g simcard i singapore, really pitty la, streamyx

    blood sucker tm, ur customer increase tremendously, but wat the hell u doing, upgrade ur system, buy more bandwidth to connect to international traffic la, it is really sxxk!!

  15. Streamyx should improves if they want their customer stay with them!!! 5 years streamyx user! i can say that they are suck! no1 in malaysia hell no!!!!

  16. i upgraded to 1mbps and it got faster (yay downloading at 100kbps) then 1 month later it dropped to 50kbps and today it was 4 kbps and disconnects halfway (more like near the beggining) in my downloads it said “download estimate 30 minutes” but it was for a song. TM, TM, really Tak Malu.
    Malaysia Boleh! scam rakyat money…

  17. they are all liar now. They are restrict network content. Read here, . we are now really facing those problems. No freedom in multimedia… unlimited access just chaos. They are all started to throttle content such as p2p, mkv, avi, streaming. we pay for the service & they are not admit their promise. The network service providers are taking a couple of steps back. Issue brought up by a few years ago. Now, it does happen. TMnut (net) is the big sucks.

  18. If you think China with 8MB download speed is good, think again. In China, from where at this moment I wriote the restrictions are MASSIVE. No Facebook, YouTube, twitter, Google, Blogger, WordPress, Multiply, no not even the blog pages of my own Yangshuo website is shown.

    Sure, TMnet sucks, no discussion here. But to compare Malaysia’s freedom with China is BULLSHIT.

  19. The abuse extends to everything – including billing. I got a “normal” reminder phone call that my bill was overdue. warm and nice, no mention of line being cut. I paid on-line within 10 minutues and received e-mail confirmation from my bank. TM did not update the system and 4 days later, they cut my line, without any notice. When I called them and gave payment details, they said it will take up to 24 hours to re-open my line. The service level is slower than the Government Agencies! You can get an International passport in 1 hour, get black-listing uplifted in 2, get road tax in 10 mintues. TM/Streamyx needs 5 days to update!

    Complain to the Multimedia Commission. Help break the monopoly/market dominance. These complaints are auditable, and will help other ISPs create competition. Believe in Change!

  20. Im having a slow downloading speed as well.
    I am a rapidshare premium user, and i used to get at least 500kbs, but not only 5kbs – 50kbs.
    It’s a freaking 100% dropped.

  21. Hell my download speed is 70 BYTES per fxxking second, my internet slows down like hell at night. My ping even reaches 3500ms >:U

    • Oh yeah at evening, it also slows down to like 20kb/s. Not that bad. But at some places in my city, morning – afternoon. 100% NO INTERNET


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