Top 3 Windows Phone 7 (WP7) ROMs for HTC HD2

HTC HD2 should come with Windows Phone 7 when it launched. HTC HD2 hardware is capable to run WP7. However, Microsoft did not manage to hit the WP7 schedule, so HTC HD2 was shipped with Windows Mobile 6.5 instead. And Microsoft rejected to upgrade HTC HD2 to WP7 officially. Luckily, thanks to all the brilliant developers. We can have WP7 on our lovely HTC HD2 now. Here are the top 3 WP7 ROM that I tried…

XBmod WP7
XBmod WP7

Twilight WP7
Twilight WP7
Football WP7
Football WP7

Download any Windows Phone 7 (WP7) ROM for HTC HD2 that you like. And to make use of your phone in full potential, follow this guide – How to dual boot Windows Phone 7 and Android on HTC HD2 with 1 SD card? Then, use any Android ROM from Top 3 SD MAGLDR Android ROMs for HTC HD2. You can have both of the best Android and Windows Phone 7 now. Enjoy…


  1. Hey my friend, I have been following you on this site for months – got much advice and used many of your commended apps, roms, etc.

    I just want to say THANK YOU!!!

    Keep up the good work re the HD2, long live the HD2.

  2. which wp7 rom can be used for daily use? (stable call and decent battery that can last at least a whole day)? thx again for your posts, they are all very interesting! keep it up

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  4. Hi love ur blog. I’m currently running wp7 and want to revert back to android, how do i do it? Must i flash win mo 1st or just flash android?

  5. what a miracle day today…..i tried email and contact microsoft today to get am activation code and i get it. Not one but two activation code. hahahahaha

  6. No Data [GPRS/Edge/3G] signal getting detected on T-Mobile HTC HD2 on Windows 7.5

    Hi there,

    I have a T-Mobile badged HTC HD2 [That is shipped in the Black colour box]. I have hacked it for multi-boot – WP 7.5 (8107) & Android (American Android).
    Android works supremely awesome. I can take calls, do calls as well as use mobile data connectivity.
    WP 7.5, prima facie, rocks. I can call, take calls & do everything on data BUT ONLY in Wi-Fi mode. I do not get any data reception, GPRS/Edge or 3G. Now let me fill in the details.
    – I am currently residing in India, Bombay
    – My mobile operator is Vodafone
    – My username login for the Windows Market is in the US domain
    – I have put in the relevant details in the APN settings but still no luck
    – I was by a Vodafone engineer that Vodafone India blocks data connectivity for T-Mobile, AT&T devices (Which is a joke because my T-Mobile HD2 gets connected to data on Android). Ergo, I put a sim of another Mobile operator – Tata Docomo, but no avail. Data still didn’t get activated.
    – As a desperate resort, I flashed a freely available T-Mobile radio –, but still no luck.

    I have a couple of thoughts/conclusions & I may be right or wrong –
    – Android works because its Open Source et al
    – Could it be that WP7 is doing some sort of check on my HD2 & hence there is a problem?
    – Could it be that on a hardware/software radio level, the T-Mobile HD2 is not compatible with the Indian mobile standards? Highly unlikey but hey who knows..
    – Do I have to try every relevant TMOUS radio option out there (GASP!!!) & there is an assurance that atleast one might work?

    I have not come across a single incident like this on the Web, so I am wondering whether I am a random anamoly.

    Any help/pointers is a big welcome.

    Thanks for taking your time out reading this post & a great new year ahead to you!!!!

    • Sorry, I don’t have T-Mobile HD2 and I don’t live in India. Can’t help much.
      Mine is HTC HD2 and live in Malaysia. 3G data is working fine here on WP7.5.

      Maybe you can try other WP7.5 ROM. Or consult ROM chef on your issue.

  7. hi jayce.. sory for leaving a comment here.. i really need your help (i am niubi).. right now i’am using htc HD2, with WP6.5 (old).. can you give me some advice and way for me to change my phone? first, which 1 is better 1)wp7 or 2) android for HD2? “better” means my phone have no problem using the software after install it, and how can install them on my HD2.. tq so much for replying this comment.. have a nice day!


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