Top best video player for Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S III 4.8″ HD Super AMOLED screen may not be as good as HTC One X 4.7″ HD Super LCD2 IPS screen. But Samsung Galaxy S3 is still a good portable video player although the HD Super AMOLED colour is not as crisp as Super LCD2 IPS. Samsung Galaxy S3 stock video player supports more codecs compare to HTC One X. It can play 1080p Full HD MP4, WMV, AVI and MKV video formats smoothly. So I just need 3rd party video player to play RMVB and MOV video formats.

MX Player

MX Player is my latest favourite video player on Samsung Galaxy S3. MoboPlayer was my first, DicePlayer second and now MX player. MX Player can play 720p HD RMVB video smoothly using its software engine. DicePlayer is weak at software decoding. MoboPlayer is not updated anymore. So MX Player is the best free video player for Samsung Galaxy S3.

Download MX Player at Google Play Store here.


  1. Hi, I really like the UI on MX player more than the stock one on the S3, but the stock player has incredible battery life, probably because it’s been optimized. I just want to know if the battery life with MX is comparable, and whether it would be more efficient for HW or SW decoding.

  2. my samsung galaxy s3 video player is not playing when the play button is tapped. However, when the reduce screen size button is tapped, the it is playing but stops when the screen is tapped again. can anybody help me to resolve the problem ?

  3. however mx player pro doesn’t play dts audio from my testing.

    for dts audio i use vplayer. everything else i use mx player pro.

    • this DTS thing is a bummer.. it seems most vids are dts.

      can you point me in the direction of a good g3 vid player that supports this. MX older version..


  4. Movies play on some players like qvod doesn’t work properly with Bluetooth headsets. It’s has intermittent pauses. It works smoothly with MX player. How do I watch those rmvb files on MX player or any players that play on Bluetooth headsets smoothly? Thank

  5. NEEED HELP !!

    I copied a 4 gb mp4 video format movie on my samsung s3 and i played it with the stock player but it says the format is not supported.
    i later installed MX player it does play the movie but it lags a lot … what should i do ?


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