TorchButton v2.3 ~ make your HTC HD2 as flashlight

TorchButton v2.3 ~ it will turn your HTC HD2 into a handy pocket flashlight. This is a must install application for me during total dark environment. It can be used for emergency by sending SOS signal too.

TorchButton v2.3

TorchButton v2.3 has 5 modes ~ Normal, Bright, Blink, SOS and PTT. Initially, TorchButton was developed for HTC Touch Pro and other HTC devices that have a hardware LED. And enhanced to support HTC latest flagship mobile phone ~ HTC HD2 now. Wait no more, download this free application and try it for yourself.

Download TorchButton v2.3 here.


  1. Thanks for keeping bringing new softs/modes/ideas for the best phone there is out there: the HTC HD2, of course!

    Cheers mate!

    • The Push-To-Talk/Torch mode. When you device has a key you can map to ‘hold’, you can use this feature to keep the light on as long as the key is pressed. The AT&T Fuze is one of those devices with a PTT button.

      Taken from readme…


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