Tronsmart Releases Spunky Pro True Wireless Headphones to Deliver Wireless on a New Level

In March, 2018, Tronsmart launched high fidelity audio true wireless earbuds called Encore Spunky Buds. These earbuds have been reported as one of 2019’s best true wireless earbuds in the UK by expertreviews; stating – “it has spectacular sound quality and a stylish small portable case”. Today, after 15 months of research and development, Tronsmart will launch its newly designed TWS earbuds named Spunky Pro, which is an upgraded version of Spunky Buds, targeting those who love music and have higher requirements of sound quality. The release of Tronsmart’s Spunky Pro will open the new chapter of TWS earbuds with its advanced technologies and super awesome sound. Let’s check what make this earbuds special.

Crystal Clear Sound & Deep Bass Makes Listening to Music Even Better
As we know, the essence of an earphone is the sound. Tronsmart consistently engineers headphones that meet the high standard of music enthusiasts. Thus, advanced 6mm speaker units are used in the Spunky pro, which provides extraordinary bass without distortion to higher pitched vocals. In addition, there are two built-in microphones which deliver ultra-clear stereo calls by reducing ambient noise.

Wireless Charging – Place It Down to Charge It up
Wireless Charging alone is not so special at all. But a wireless charging case for wireless earbuds is like icing on the cake! Tronsmart Spunky Pro is amongst first one to use this technology. With this function, you just need to place your earbuds on any Qi-certified charging pad, it will be charged immediately! Just like that!

USB-C Charging – Charge It Quickly
If you don’t have a wireless charger, don’t worry; The Spunky Pro also comes with a USB-C connector that can recharge the earphones even quicker!

Bluetooth 5.0-Proven Stable Connectivity
Connectivity is always a concern for many people when choosing Bluetooth products. Bad connectivity will seriously affect the listening experience. Tronsmart deeply cares about user experience; therefore, Spunky Pro is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, which allows for a faster and more stable connection.

One-Tap Control Voice Assistant – Let Your Hands Be Free
The one-tap control design of the Spunky Pro allows you to access core functions easily without reaching for your phone. Simply tap the earbuds and say “Hey Siri” or “Hey Google” and you will instantly gain access to your voice assistant.

Comfortable and Portable Design – Small Yet Power
If you check the size of Spunky Pro, you will find out that it is much smaller than most TWS earbuds. But you will never imagine that such a small device can let you have up to 18 hours of play time. On top of that, the Spunky Pro comes with a pocket-friendly case and three different sized ear tips for a secure and comfortable fit that adjusts to your ears.

IPX5 Water Resistant – Enjoy Your Music without Interruption
Besides the above features, the Spunky Pro is also designed to last. With an IPX5 rating, you can stay connected through sweat, splashes and rain, providing a seamless listening experience.

Because Tronsmart cares about their customers, they always improve their products according to the customers’ feedback. Providing the best experience with the most advanced technology is always the core value of Tronsmart. If you are looking for TWS earbuds, if you pursue a better sound quality, if you want a better listening experience with a more comfortable design, the Tronsmart Spunky Pro is the best option for you!


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