Ultimate Samsung Galaxy Note Games Compatibility List

Samsung Galaxy S II is a great smartphone to play Android Games. Its bigger brother Samsung Galaxy Note which is using the very same ARM Mali-400 MP GPU should performs well in gaming, right? Not really because Samsung Galaxy Note has higher resolution at HD 720p (1280×800) on 5.3″ screen. Some games might have issue with that resolution. And 3D games speed performance might be slower too. But one thing for sure, it is great to play games on 720p 5.3″ screen. Bigger is always better… And great to play with gamepad like GameSir G4s (read GameSir G4s Review to know more).

Samsung Galaxy Note Games

Thanks to XDA Developer, joeearl13 who came out a Samsung Galaxy Note Games compatibility list. Gamers who interested in Samsung Galaxy Note can find out which games can run perfectly or not before make the purchase. Here are few games that working properly… 2D games ~ Angry Birds and Cut the Rope are working well. No issue on 3D games like Asphalt 6 HD, Samurai II Vengeance, ShadowGun, Guerilla Bob, Roboto, Arma 2 Firing Range… However, some games have graphics issue like Dungeon Defenders, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Sprinkle…

Be sure to check out the full and latest updated Samsung Galaxy Note Games compatibility list here. And Samsung Galaxy Note games screenshots here.


  1. This question is not specifically related to Samsung smartphones and tablets but generally Android mobile devices. What’s your opinion on security on Android devices? How susceptible are Android devices to malware and viruses compared with iPhone/iPad?

  2. Hi Mr Jayce … I am planning to buy galaxy note next week … But I will be glad if could answer these couple questions for me :

    1. A good number of games is not supported in the galaxy note as I heard (esp Gameloft games).. How would this be fixed ???

    2. Do all APPs run smoothly on galaxy note ?? Can I install the same APK files used for my Galaxy s2 ??

    Thanks in Advance …


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