USB Flash Drive Demo on Samsung Galaxy S2 USB OTG

Samsung Galaxy S II supports USB 2.0 On-The-Go (OTG). However, Samsung Galaxy S2 does not bundle USB OTG cable with it. But you should get it by yourself because the USB OTG adaptor or USB OTG cable is cheap for less than $3 only. I got mine from eBay for $2.68 ~ USB 2.0 Micro-B host OTG cable. The very first thing that I tried on it, USB flash drive. Let’s see how does USB flash drive performs on Samsung Galaxy S2 USB OTG…

Yes, USB flash drive is working perfect on Samsung Galaxy S2 USB OTG. No issue to listen to MP3, view photo, watch WMV video @ 720p or even YouTube MP4 video @ 1080p. USB OTG is very useful because no computer is needed. However, it does not support my USB multi memory card reader and USB Micro SD card reader. Hmm… What USB product can work on Samsung Galaxy S2 USB OTG? I will keep finding and testing…


  1. Hello man,

    Why don’t you try if an external HDD of say 320GB or 500GB, or any of this family of memory disks, works on the Samsung galaxy S2 via this OTG USB? Would be nice to know 🙂
    There are models with the external power supply and others which are powered over the USB…

  2. Do you know which 16gb USB sticks work with the Samsung Galaxy S2?

    I have tried a Sandisk Cruzer Micro and an Integral usb stick, both 8gb and i recieve the error: ”high power device connected”

    – which 16gb usb sticks DO work with the samsung? thanks!!

  3. Hi, do you know of any android app that can sync the usb drive to the SGS2? I can sync from my PC to the S2, but haven’t found any app that can sync my usb drive to phone. Thanks.

  4. i have a 4 gb pen drive worked fine on my s2 watching and transferring films but av just updated my phones firmware to 4.0.3 and now it shows it connecting and disconnecting but doesn’t show the usb folder in my files is there any apps or custom updates that can fit this or will i have to wait for samsung to relise anew update to fix it

  5. Hi,
    I can read my flash desk by OTG cable, however I’d like to ask you if it possible to copy file from the mobile (photos, excel, .. etc) to the flash desk and vise versa?


  6. Hi,
    My SGS2 keeps getting hot whenever i use Wifi internet or i am downloading.Is it normal or the phone is defective?

  7. Hi – my Samsung Galaxy S2 – do not recognize the jig or the flash drive, what can I do? Any advice are welcome…



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